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  1. yale poison ivy is good also check out cousins black widow
  2. you're going to best off going to college and finding yourself an apprenticeship to complete the level 2 arboriculture east college Durham will be pretty close to you good luck
  3. not sure on the cost but we removed 2 oak trees in Atlanta when I was there crane road closure (on a 4 lane road) bucket skid steer 3 trucks log grab and 7 guys on a sunday I wouldn't have liked the bill for that one
  4. Jobs at Baumdienst Siebengebirge - Baumdienst Siebengebirge WWW.BAUMDIENST-SIEBENGEBIRGE.DE later
  5. I'd honestly just start emailing companies and let them know your plans. I'm from Newcastle myself and I'm working in Hamburg if I hear anything here I'll let you know
  6. where abouts in Germany? I'm currently here near Hamburg and I didn't have to transfer anything maybe it depends on the employer
  7. hi so I saw recently that someone at the arb show had purchased the ropetek sidewinder but was sold under the name rope pod does anyone know somewhere that sells them or have one for sale as I'm keen to try it out cheers dan
  8. Is this from April to November 2019?
  9. hi micheal I'm a arborist in the newcastle area I have cs30 31 38 39 40 41 chipper street works been working in arb since 2011 Will I need to have insurance to work for you? I'm interested in the work don't currently have a driving licence though
  10. where did you find a job in the north east mate? struggling to get anything in Newcastle at the minute
  11. glendale in South sheilds are looking for people
  12. Newcastle but I don't mind travelling on transport if it's feasible


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