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  1. Because the truth be known most governments don’t care about us little people at the bottom. Because if they did they would’ve done something about the vermin that keep stealing our stuff going around stealing our customers They've got no insurance,no qualifications and can’t even read and write let alone fill out a Tpo form. So if you’re telling me to behave myself and be a good little citizen I’m not from that side of town if I catch somebody near my stuff so I’m just going to get hurt..
  2. However if you are about to be robbed and you see somebody doing it fuck the law I’m going to fucking go out my way to hear those fuckers
  3. You are absolutely right mate they are completely and utter scumbags that should be eradicated accordingly. On a more serious note they are organised,so I think it’s about time a lot of people on Arb talk should start to think about local patrols on each other’s yards or cameras that are all linked up to one main yard/camera security operators.
  4. Hi buddy I’m near Bolton and there is no visible numbers on the belts. The belt is on the left hand side as you look at it from the rear I think they call them via belts.
  5. Hi pal I’m in Manchester and I need a V-belt for my 4012
  6. Does anybody know the size of a V belt for a Carlton 4012 stump grinder, my machine has a Kubota engine it. I don’t want to go to Orange plant as they completely take the piss With their pricing. Also can you recommend where I can buy the belts from please.
  7. It makes you wonder why we are paying tax for the police that clearly cannot do the job. I think it’s about time the whole of the criminal system is revamped and to say, “no comment’ to me is I saying you are clearly guilty. It may be time to have the debates about travelling sites and the amount of criminality that is going on on some of the sites that need to be shut down. To be honest I think when you get robbed don’t bother calling the police seriously yo are going to get annoyed because they are useless. Try and get as many boys together as possible and weapons and go to the site and light it up ..
  8. They are proper vermin and what do we do with vermin?? Social media is a very very powerful tool and I think that in the not to distant future a call will be made by the people by social media tools/computer and the people will rise up to the scum bags and react or protect the fucking silent majority !!!, let’s bring the beef to their door and hurt them!!!
  9. On Sunday evening some scumbag from Bretmet in Bolton and some Ladd from the travelers site in Moses gate, Bolton broke into our containers at the farm and stole nine stigo saws and hedge trimmers etc and we weren’t insured because I have no faith in the insurance companys is anymore. They also stole my Chipper which I got back but they kept phoning me up asking for their chipper back, these people are absolute vermin and that is why are you I hated so much. These people are going around pretending to be tree surgeons not paying any tax, having no insurance, no licenses for the equipment they are using and then police just let them get on with what they want to do it’s ridiculous. I will not come and he is trying to get the site shutdown because so much crime is coming from that site.Personally I think you’re wasting your time calling the police because they are useless. Because they are so badly educated and can’t read or write they don’t understand the emotional damage they do and the fact of the matter is they really don’t give a shit. Maybe it is about time we all had a debate about what they are bringing to the table but I suppose more to the point what they are taking from the table !! This week has been an emotional week for me I’ve been so upset but what is worse is a keep phoning me up and laughing and taking the piss. These people are very very low lives the worst of the worst. Again I think our services that we offer should be policed and if you haven’t got the right qualification and insurances you shouldn’t be allowed to trade because after all it’s all cash straight in your pocket ..
  10. Watch out for theives the same people doing everybody in Bolton


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