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  1. Venom Wood Chipper


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    Used Rock Venom wood Chipper Compact design, wheel it by hand or attach it to an ATV/ lawn tractor/ ride-on mower powerful 15hp engine Gravity fed Hardened Steel Reversable blades Saftey cut off system designed for chipping branches of diameter up to 8.5 cm Fuel: petrol Shredding system: 2 blades on rotor and 1 counter-blade on the chassis - Max. length: 231 cm - Max. height: 150 cm - Max. width: 80 cm - Weight: 171.5 kgs Starts and runs well, fairly light use, needs a new battery, battery feeds electric starter, can be easily started with the pull chord, comes with key, blades sharpened on both sides recently.


  2. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    Thanks bmp 👍🏼
  3. Echo CS-360TES spares/repairs


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    Saw starts and runs fine. Exhaust screw rattled loose, exhaust moved and melted casing, new exhaust cover and oil filter supplied as well as echo multi-tool.


  4. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    Thanks Spud and guys for recommending the spring. I Haven’t replaced a clutch spring before, is it fairly straight forward?
  5. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    I replaced the spark plug, colour was just the usual light brown. Still not running well after. Sounds like it’ll be easier to get a new saw at this rate if clutch is gone as well!
  6. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    It takes a fair few pulls before it starts, idle is low but chain runs on tick over, the chain is sufficiently tight, it gets up to revs ok but as soon as i cut with it, it looses power. Occasionally stalls.
  7. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    Yes I’ve had the ‘not economical to repair’ fob off before in the past, thanks for the advise, I’m afraid I’m in Somerset but thanks for the offer 👍🏼
  8. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    Thanks, I’ll take a look
  9. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    It has running issues, I thought maybe carb, I dropped it into my local machinery shop, they diagnosed warn cylinder
  10. Replacing cylinder and piston Stihl MS 260

    Thanks bill 👍🏼
  11. My trusty Stihl MS 260 has a warn cylinder, I do most work on my saws myself but having never replaced a pot and piston, is there anything technical I need to know about? Is it a straight swap or do I need to set anything? cheers
  12. Transit tipper- yay or nay?

    So, I’m looking at tippers, chances are all I can afford that the moment is a second hand transit tipper. I know a lot of guys who swear by their trusty steeds, what is the general consensus on them? Are they reliable work horses or money pits? Is there anything that goes wrong with them that I should look out for when looking to buy? How do they compare to a Nissan Cabstar apart from the obvious fact that the transits usually have a larger capacity, these are an other option.
  13. I’m looking for a groundsman with their own chipper and tipper who’s interested in occasional work in South Somerset, Somerset/Dorset/Devon boarder area. Most of the tree work I do is subbing for other firms, occasionally I get my own jobs where I’m equipped to dismantle but not equipped to remove the chip and wood. It usually works out a few days a month. If anyone could do with the extra bit of work let me know.


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