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  1. Howe Tree Surgery ltd are looking for a groundie or climber for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th August for a job based in Yeovil, Somerset BA21 This opportunity will lead to further work. Feel free to contact me on 07841202304 Craig Howe
  2. Self employed groundies and climbers needed for expanding tree surgery business based between Yeovil and Taunton in Somerset. We cover most of South Somerset, West Dorset and East Devon, sometimes a little bit further afield. Craig Howe Tree Surgery 07841202304
  3. I’m looking to get a new chipper, either the Timberwolf 230 or the Forst ST6, I’ve used both but not long term, what’s your experience with them and which would you recommend? Both have their pros and cons.
  4. Looking for a self employed groundie for a day next week, either 8th or 9th May, could potentially lead to further work. Job is in Lyme Regis, Devon 07841202304
  5. So peoples, what methods/ products have you found to be best for removing sap off the paint of your trucks? I chipped some horse chestnut on a rainy morning and it’s really stuck to the paint on my truck.
  6. I’ve just had a renewal quote for £950 for my trade insurance, I know in our industry it’s not cheap, but I’m going to shop around for an other quote, can anyone recommend who to try for a quote?
  7. Thanks Spud and guys for recommending the spring. I Haven’t replaced a clutch spring before, is it fairly straight forward?
  8. I replaced the spark plug, colour was just the usual light brown. Still not running well after. Sounds like it’ll be easier to get a new saw at this rate if clutch is gone as well!
  9. It takes a fair few pulls before it starts, idle is low but chain runs on tick over, the chain is sufficiently tight, it gets up to revs ok but as soon as i cut with it, it looses power. Occasionally stalls.
  10. Yes I’ve had the ‘not economical to repair’ fob off before in the past, thanks for the advise, I’m afraid I’m in Somerset but thanks for the offer ??
  11. It has running issues, I thought maybe carb, I dropped it into my local machinery shop, they diagnosed warn cylinder
  12. My trusty Stihl MS 260 has a warn cylinder, I do most work on my saws myself but having never replaced a pot and piston, is there anything technical I need to know about? Is it a straight swap or do I need to set anything? cheers


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