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  1. Well out of area for me, this has come to my attention. Could be a great opportunity for someone with the right experience but with applications closing 1200 hrs 7 May 19. Arboriculturalist Location: Aylesbury Start Date: ASAP End Date: 22 June 2020 Description of activities and duties to be undertaken · Possess excellent communication skills, with ability to prioritise own workload and work to tight deadlines with minimum supervision · Be able to implement the project specific requirements set by HS2. This will require the review and application of HS2 technical standards and other associated documentation · Design and review of tree management plans to appropriate industry best practice and project standards · Input technical advice and provide colleagues with guidance on tree management issues. To include appraisal and verification of designs, method statements and site activities · Able to work effectively within a dynamic work environment · Be able to react to a fluid work environment and provide strategic documentation to achieve project outcomes · Be able to produce individual tree and woodland management plans to meet client requirements. This should include the management of veteran / ancient trees and ancient woodland · Be able to present outline mitigation strategies to ensure EPS and their habitats can be managed and perpetuated for the long term · Be experienced in liaison with diverse range of Stakeholders · Be able to work in response to the requirements of project specific Undertakings & Assurances and liaise with Non-Governmental Organisations · Be aware of, and able to implement the recommendations of the relevant British Standards and other codes of practice relevant to their area of expertise · Have experience of undertaking and managing the delivery of tree surveys in accordance with BS5837: 2012, including the preparation and review of task / site specific Arboricultural Method Statements · Have experience in undertaking tree safety assessments and provide and prioritise recommendations appropriate to the management context · Experienced in undertaking large scale tree surveys, managing survey outputs and delivery of survey outputs to client · Have experience of undertaking and managing the design, delivery, audit and post planting management of planting specifications in accordance with Series 3000 MCHW, British Standards and project specific Environmental Statement · Critically analyse third party tree surveys and associated reports to ensure they conform to client specification · Be proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint · Proficient at writing reports, presentations and site / task specific documentation · Ensure all work conforms to relevant Health and Safety standards · Manage commercial budgets, project planning and subcontractors Minimum Qualifications: · Level 3 or above qualification in Arboriculture · LANTRA certificate of competence in Professional Tree Inspection · Achieved or working towards Technical Membership of the Arboricultural Association · CSCS · Full UK Driving Licence · Able to work within the natural environment in both clement and inclement conditions · Documented experience of above duties and activities for a minimum of 5 years Tools: Candidates to provide there own IT equipment Working days:Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri Working hours: 09:00 - 17:00 8hrs Recruiter contact: Ellen Chan, ellen.chan@rullion.co.uk 0203 201 1225
  2. JAG63

    What next???

    Hi Paul, Went the same route myself with TKF Training https://tkftraining.co.uk/service-leavers/. Fairly intensive but excellent instructors and support throughout. Tim is ex monkey but I wouldn't hold that against him. I can give you a run down on my experiences, pm me if you're interested in my route to full time climber. Al
  3. JAG63

    Prices for qualifications

    It's NPTC training providers you need. I went City and Guilds as they are, or were, readily accepted abroad whilst Lantra were not and my funded centre was C&G. I know of Lowe Maintenance at Settle and TKF training at Holmfirth, there are plenty more about. A lot will deliver courses away from their home location if there is the demand, I think Lowe Maintenance do a lot of their course towards the Lakes. This lot say they deliver courses in Cumbria, https://www.hwtraining.co.uk/course/arboriculture-training-courses/. Don't know them so can't give a thumbs up or down.
  4. JAG63

    Prices for qualifications

    they don't have numbers any more, just NPTC code and title. L3 award in severing uprooted or windblown trees is 21-02 (was CS 34 &35), L3 in emergency treework operations is 21-05 (was CS 50).
  5. JAG63

    Prices for qualifications

    Personally I'd go for 30/31 (in old money), climbing and aerial rescue as a starter then invest in driving licences; B+E essential, C1+E desirable. Next would be aerial cutting, aerial pruning and aerial rigging then on to felling over 380 and emergency treework operations if going into tree surgery/windblown if going into forestry (in which case you won't need aerial quals either). In your location I'd give Phill and Demelza at Lowe Maintenance in Settle (01729 825132, https://lowe-maintenance.co.uk/) a call for some advice and options. They gave me some excellent guidance even though I wasn't going to use them for training having funding elsewhere. Many of the later courses will be funded by a good employer if he thinks you're worth keeping or pick your jobs and spread the cost over time if going SE. Good luck.
  6. JAG63

    Go on then, What was your best Present??

    Bottle of 🐸. Daughter knows me too well
  7. JAG63

    Dmm wire gate karabiner

    Or you could get the locking DMM vault
  8. Have a look for a start with an organisation that has banded pay, like a council, for decent starter pay. They'll probably invest in your training too if they're any good.
  9. Kitchen porter - barman - steel related, cast magnets - Army 32 yrs - arb.
  10. Also consider council or university tree teams to get started with a reasonable income, though almost certainly less than you're used to, kit, insurance and pension scheme. Your local council may have gone to contract but worth a look on their recruitment pages and an application, you can always say no thanks. C+E should give you the edge for a lot of bigger setups. Good luck, did the same myself 12 months ago in the South/West Yorks area.
  11. JAG63

    Army to Arborist!?

    Made the same transition last year and know of many more who've also successfully made the move. Basic courses: crosscut and maint, felling up to 380mm. Climbing and aerial rescue, unless focused on forestry only, and C+E would also make you a good option for an employer. Give me a shout if there's anything you want to know from my experiences and good luck.
  12. JAG63

    Working day start times

    Is this really Vesp winding everyone up?
  13. JAG63

    Some one might need it soon - Blood.Co. uk

    Needed a good top up myself in the past, really feels like life being pumped back in. Give some back when I can and thanks to all those who do the same.
  14. JAG63

    Abandoning our ex forces

    Another charity, High Ground https://highground-uk.org/ is doing some outstanding work getting ex Services a look at 'rural' careers and would love to hear from any employers willing to provide a 'look at life' or even give up some time to talk about their sector. A lot of the guys and girls with serious trauma or PTSD find horticulture based work really beneficial in rebuilding lives.
  15. JAG63

    Career change.

    Expect Glendale would be prepared to give you a start if you can live of the wages they pay, especially if you have B+E or C1+E. Local authorities pay slightly better and will invest in your training, look on their websites for vacancies, usually under Parks and Open Spaces. Could also look at universities, some have their own teams. Good luck.


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