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  1. If it's only occasional use and fuel is likely to sit for a long time consider using Aspen 2 or a Stihl/Husky equivalent like Motomix. A bit more expensive but keeps far better.
  2. At the end of the day it's the council's tree on their land and they are responsible for it's management. Any pruning by you could land you with a bill should the council consider you to have damaged the asset in any way.
  3. As well as arb specific courses clean driving licence with +E can tip the balance for being taken on. C or C1 a bonus but even B+E makes you more useful. I'll pm you my experiences starting out and looking for an employer.
  4. Even in these tight times £1 an hour might put a few off Matt.
  5. JAG63


    I've found the tickets that open doors are cs38 and, often overlooked, B/C1/C + E. Some employers would give more weighting to the latter and consider putting you through cs38 and 39 on or after probation period. Experience will determine starting point for wages though there are some sectors that pay a banded wage according to job title irrespective of time served, these are probably going to invest in further development early in your career. It can be a bit of a lottery depending on your location, I commute about 20 miles to my current yard but feel that the benefits are worth it. Why not give Demelza at Lowe Maintenance, https://lowe-maintenance.co.uk/ 01729 825132, a call and get her views. It would be great to see more females in the profession so I hope you go for it.
  6. I started much later, you'll be fine. In the same area though work up in West Yorks.
  7. A quick Google reveals they are now the Foresters Friendly Society, 185+ years of financial and social support - read our history WWW.FORESTERSFRIENDLYSOCIETY.CO.UK Foresters Friendly Society has been helping our customers save for more than 185 years. Take a look at our well-established history online today. Their heritage trust includes a museum that may be interested Foresters Heritage Trust Museum and Archive - Stoke-on-Trent WWW.FORESTERSHERITAGETRUST.ORG The Trust's collection of artefacts, regalia and documents celebrates the history and heritage of Friendly Societies
  8. How about wooden guttering, got to be people constrained by planning regs who have to replace like with like.
  9. Watch out for the max permitted volume, it may need to be two adjacent structures, at least from the outside (English rules).
  10. Really? Prior to the 80s deregulation most people rented, 14%+ interest rates only available through a building society who wouldn't touch you if you hadn't been saving with them from birth and proved you saved more than you spent. Most couldn't afford a car, let alone washing machine, dishwasher etc and you asked the bill payer before you made a phone call (on a landline) 'cos it cost an arm and a leg, especially to another town (long distance). I don't know of any 24 yr old supermarket workers who had any prospect other then the bus and a council house.
  11. I stand corrected, I have always had assessment by a different individual and understood that to be a requirement.
  12. Closest I know is TKF Training in Holmfirth. Alternatively you could try to find a trainer and assessor (must be different people) who may come to you if you have all the required kit, suitable location and required timber resource.
  13. Myerscough do a range of online courses.


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