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  1. Cheers steve [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  2. Germany. Any advice on a particular company to use would be good? Cheers
  3. Hello Arbland. I'm off to germany for 5 weeks working for a tree firm... the usual climbing and groundwork chainsaw use etc. Anybody out there got any tips for working overseas? What insurance is required? I'm pretty sure I just need personal accident. Public liability or theft cover wont be needed. Cheers!
  4. Also! ...and this is coming from my relative layman level of knowledge... Could chip at the base not create a perfect breeding ground/habitat for damaging insects, fungi or pathogens? ...just a thought.
  5. Cheers for your thoughts on the matter Gary! Ill be honest i've never really thought to deeply into the benefits of mulching and the reduction of undergrowth competition. Sounds legit. Would you have any suggestions for which types of chip to use at the base of the willow? Any? Also... any good information out there on the web which tells you more about mulching benefits? Thanks again!
  6. Well cheers fellas. Gonna go ahead with it. Thanks for the advice.
  7. The attached photos show the willow in question. Now, i now late winter is the best time to heavily attack this tree... but i dont know how well it will be doing come spring given it is already heavily drying out even at the base with the bark flaking away. The branch tips show no buds for next year. And as you can see, the canopy itself is buggered due to poor pruning a couple of years back. So! My question is: Will pollarding this famously hardy and quick growing tree shock/reinvigorate the willow into life? (I would plan to pollard on each of the 4 stems 2/3 ft above the primart union - at a diameter of about 1ft). Or!!!!... am i living in a dream world... especially doing this in late october? Thanks a bunch! Harry.


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