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  1. I’ve definitely got another 3/4 piles of what is shown in the picture..thanks for all the help so far…
  2. Wow…that seems very good! I could remove the wooden posts with nails no issue. The access is actually in front of the pile of wood you can reverse right up to it..
  3. Have just bought some land with my dad which has had some trees cut down and left by previous owner. I would imagine there are 4/5 full loads of branches/logs needing chipping. Anyone local want to price it up with a view to an immediate start? Any advice how much I should be paying for a full load to be chipped and then disposed of? Would the below photo be deemed a full load? Too much? Not enough? Many many thanks in advance…Will 07394 189646
  4. So, just an update guys. A vacancy has come up where I want to move to and work has agreed to let me take it so it looks like I can now move and keep my maintenance job. Happy days! On another good note, the company paid for all of the maintenance guys to do the PA1 and PA6 weedkilling course which I’ve just done and I’m very pleased to say I’ll be doing my cs30/31 at the end of the month. So it’s a win win as I get to keep my current job and I’m also adding new skills/tickets for the future. I think il get the stump grinder and chipper tickets in my own time and expense so that all I’m missing is the climbing which I doubt il do as I’m not too good with heights. Anyhow, thanks for all the previous advice, some really good replies and also a great forum which I enjoy coming to. Cheers all ??
  5. I'd max out your premium bonds allowance. Rock solid safety and a chance of winning a big prize every month. Once this is filled up, I'd try and buy some land or yard which you can use now but can rent out upon retirement. If your lucky enough to have done this, you could then buy maybe a gold soveriegn every month for about £200 odd and then when you retire you can cash in your gold and hopefully it would have risen.
  6. Work for a commercial landlord as a maintenace operative for the last 9 months, been very lucky in buying some property in the past which has done ok and will fund a decent home on the coast. Truth be told, won't find another job as relaxed as the one I'm in now with paye and an ok salary of £25k a year. Maybe I'm selling myself too short, just worried about starting over again. The wife is dead set on going, we live in south London which has gone to the pits unless your earning big bucks and can afford the nice house and lifestyle that goes with a large London salary. We've had an offer on a nice 4 bedroom detached home with 50ft wide by 100ft garden which we couldn't dream of in London. It's on a main road but only a 5 min walk to the beach. Lifestyle seems great for kids, beach life etc I'm just worried about getting another job or starting up on my own with no qualified skill set or experience. There's enough room at the side of the house to either have a big garage for machinery or I can gate the side off and have the machinery out the back of the house which as it has a large garden won't feel like it's full up with the machinery.
  7. That would be brilliant. I didn't realise you were Kent based! (I presume anyway as your out in canterbury). Have a good one mate anyhow ??
  8. By the way thanks for everyone's comments it's been most helpful and insightful. Really positive forum. Cheers fellas.
  9. Does anyone know if you can keep the chipper etc at home address or do the neighbours moan and say your running a business from home?
  10. Thanks for your comments, il look into it. Not looking for fortunes just a decent wage every week that I can live comfortably on. ??
  11. Your kit looks amazing. Thanks to all who have commented. I've took all the advice on board. I'm definitely not going to chuck a load of cash at this and hope for the best. I've only got one shot so I need to make sure what I do invest in works. I'm starting to think, get as many courses done as possible, speak to everyone I come across and learn as much as possible and then when and if the time is right, I would love to have a 3.5 tipper, heavy duty chipper, heavy duty stump grinder and any other "specialist plant". I don't want to buy the "run of the mill" kit as others have said theres plenty who have this already or can hire cheaply from hire shops. Maybe il look into offering a "services" business; Chipper and man, stump grinder, small tree felling, etc. It's a lot to think about. The landy cherry picker sounds a brilliant bit of kit. Any photos of it bud?
  12. Any idea of brand/model so I can look into this a bit more? Are you saying these machines have so many varied uses that they could appeal to lots of different people/jobs? Cheers
  13. Is their a demand for mini loaders? What are they used for mate? Thanks for the replies ??
  14. I'd be more than happy to have a stump grinder as well so that I can offer more services...I'm happy to invest the money in the machines if they will pay for theirselves over the course of say 4 years


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