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  1. And that’s a good point. When I had my first multi fuel stove fitted and didn’t really know a lot about them, I was never asked/advised about what grade flue I should have. If It had been discussed with me then I would have definitely chosen 904 to future proof it and give me the option of burning smokeless in the future considering it is a multi fuel stove.
  2. I’ve managed to find one article about the ban written by somebody with some knowledge on the subject. Why the war on wood burners? WWW.SPIKED-ONLINE.COM The government seems to be banning things first and working out the justifications later.
  3. It’s only making the news because it’s winter, come spring when most people stop burning everyone will forget about firewood, coal etc.. until next winter.
  4. My third stove finished an hour ago, really pleased with it and cannot wait to light it.
  5. I’ve often wondered this as well, I’d love to have a clean burning stove with a cat that will provide an 8 hour plus burn from one load!
  6. With single you need the extra clearance, if you install twin down to the stove (fitted with a heat shield) you can have a more compact install saving floor space.
  7. That’s more or less what I’ve just paid for a similar installation including a £1400 stove. Most of the cost goes on the twin wall flue which will generally cost more than the stove , plus as you are going through the wall it could be a day and a half installation. So I don’t think it’s a bad price, you just need to confirm what stove they have quoted and once they have seen the job in the flesh the price will likely change.
  8. I get all my wood from a local arborist and process it myself which costs me £320 a year. This is the most cost effective way for me to run my burners and lets me control log size and seasoning as I keep myself a year ahead.
  9. I have gone with the Stovax and feel confident that it will be a great stove. I did discuss my concerns with the stove shop and they made a very good point that Stovax are one of the biggest stove/heating manufacturers in the UK so naturally sell more units which generates more positive/negative reviews. Plus reading a lot of the negative reviews, I think a lot could be down to user error.
  10. Running two stoves and get through about seven cubes a winter. But will be increasing that once the third stove gets installed in Feb.
  11. Hi all, I’m in the process of purchasing a Stovax Studio 500 freestanding stove but due to it being a new model, there are hardly any reviews on it. What I am coming across are a lot negative reviews on Stovax’s other stoves. Has anyone got a Stovax and can provide some feedback on it? Thanks
  12. Contemplating the Stovax Studio 500 Freestanding with the bench. Just waiting for a survey to see if it can go where I want it to go.
  13. Everyone on this forum should have the knowledge about burning softwood. It’s Mr Joe Bloggs that doesn’t and will consistently demand hardwood because that’s what they’ve been told. No amount of education will change their mind until the stove manufacturers change their guidance. Some of the other guidance on the Jotul site also recommends that you should only buy kiln dried logs!!!
  14. Another stove manufacturer pushing the only burn hardwood message, this time it’s Arada: “We would always advise using seasoned hardwoods such as Ash, Beech or Oak, as opposed to softwoods such as Pine or Spruce. Hardwoods burn for longer and emit less smoke, but are more expensive than softwood” https://www.aradastoves.com/pdf/literatures/arada_guide_to_burning_wood_web.pdf


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