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  1. I’ve seen a cooked cylinder on a 200 because of oil and sawdust blocking up the cooling fins. its worth the investment of the time to clean it 😉
  2. Wonky

    At work today

    Have you eaten a cock-eral before. They are usually tough as old leather 😉
  3. I thought it was pine 🤫. But what do I know 🙄 boy I feel silly but spruce it is then, 👍Norway 🤔 this is the other pic I got, sorry I didn’t get any close ups of the tree or any better of the fungi..
  4. As the title says. These fungi were at the base but only on one side (Rh) of the Scots pine in the pic I took today. The soil is Sandy and acidic. I was hoping someone could help identify if this is just the wet humid wether we’re having at the moment, or is it because of other factors and are the first early signs of possible future problems for the tree. thanks sean
  5. Would that be burden bros 😉 lovely bi5 of woodland on the left as you go in
  6. I think those that think ringing a mate and go for a drink and getting pissed will help.. well it may help some people that have the blues for a day or two. But there again were not all the same. I’ve been to hell and back, and it’s not nice. all I can say wait till it happens to you, then you will know how shît life can be. But it may never happen to you. So you will never really know. that’s my tuppence worth.
  7. Wonky

    At work today

    Looks like a full chisel tooth thou 😉
  8. I'm sure that made light work of that job
  9. yes 8 mackerel and 3 horse mackerel , some are shown in my green bucket, I put back probably 10 small horse macks These 3 guys were there along time before me. They had a light in the water to Attract the horse mackerel they were sharing out they catch when I took this picture. these London area guys (Indian/Pakistan) didn’t put the small ones back. But that’s like most of the immigrants around here “for want of a better expression “ . and neither did they gut them. I was taught from a very early age to gut them where I caught edit, east arm newhaven harbour IMG_2277.MOV
  10. That’s the sun coming up and all the mist
  11. I see it all the time, some people just never get the hang of the cast. From where the weight is ( on the ground or not, or swinging in the air) and the size of the weight and the length of the rod and the flex it can give with the different weight. that said, what reel is being used, and the most important thing of it all is when to let go of the line. ive seen wieght go straight up in the air and how it’s missed everyone was just luck, and of coarse straight down 5ft in front or the crack of a whip snapping of the line. I went fishing for mackerel at 4am thins morning
  12. If a 241 is heavy then a 201 rear handle then if that’s still to big then your choice is a 192\3 or the 151 👍👊😉
  13. it will help prospective candidates if you give your location 😉👍
  14. Done Like most bearings I have to change. Ie the stihl strimmer head. And I just brought the correct bearings from a bearing supplier. At a 1/4 of the price of stihl i'm pleased it worked out for you 😉
  15. Wonky

    who dun it

    Looks to me the guy next door used his rights and cut it back , “responsibly” as he couldn’t get his high sided vehicle down his drive..🤔👍 with out damage 😂. shame we don’t know the background..? who planted it and who's moved in or out since. Also if there is Any Animosity ( have fallen out during Covid) anyhow that's a silly place to plant a tree, knowing your neighbour has the right to cut it back to the Boundry line.
  16. Wonky

    What gear???

    Nice big fat rope to hold is a bit easier too, less getting gloves stuck in it. And it’s part of the assessment. Let’s just say your up a tree and need another anchor, or you drop something like your lovely zigzag 😉 .. how would you get another adjustable anchor or get down. Use the Blake’s hitch on the end of you rope 👍
  17. I'll put this here, 😉 it’s a pdf about some of the elms around Brighton, as well as some other trees. http://www.friendsofprestonpark.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Special-Trees-of-Brighton-and-Hove.pdf
  18. I'll reply to this….. a bit late, maybe someone has already replied further on in the thread ? the reason is…. The elm beetle that carries the fungus which is responsible for the demise of the tree. Is carried down the tree in the bark area/sap cambium layer to the roots. From here it can spread to Adjacent trees through the connecting root system. thus (bark ringing the tree) it gives a bigger time frame for the removal of the tree. not long ago there was a tree in Preston park where they were a bit late, the sap wood gets stained a blue purple colour and could tell it was getting into the roots so ended up digging a trench around the tree to cut the root system to the neighbouring trees edit: I see now @agg221 answered the “how do they know it has elm disease. I will add the leaves on infected part do turn a bit silvery at first. anyhow here’s a pic of a tree I spotted in bear road, which I reported to the TO and it took almost a yr for them to remove it. Probably because the beatle is only active in late spring early summer..
  19. The mowing the lawn was in jest, after joshuatree said “do it for the wood”. Then the fun started 🤣 and to be fair the 0p said he'd already got some info about a local guy who he was happy with. But was just confirming. anyhow we’re back on track 👍👊
  20. Where's that pic,,? I knew I wood find it 😂🤣🤣
  21. Bloody Scotts land, ... yah kanny not read manny posts of his around the loch 😉
  22. It does sound as if a carb jet was slightly blocked, ie old fuel & varnish deposits in the fuel aspirator. Which could of been dislodged while being dismantled. live found the worst culprits to fix are the B&S carbs that are intergrated with the fuel tank. Thus the whole darn carb and tank has to come off and apart just to get at the main jet.😩 anyhow thanks for the feed back about its now working as it should, it’s very good of you to this. As it will help others in the future 😉👍
  23. Just asking justme So what licence do you need to pull a 1.5 t trailer with the trannie or a land rover when you say with a c1 all you can tow is 750kg
  24. Yes, I agree with paddy. If you haven’t changed the plug for a new one, and are feeling tight or can’t get to the shop to buy a new one. Then swap the plugs around, and see if the problem is the same or now on the other side 🤔 Edit spark plugs sometimes do odd things when under pressure or when they get hot. I,m sure you can guess this checks two things by swapping the plugs around and is easy compared to swapping coils around.👍
  25. That’s why I was asking the op. As I had a license just like the op, then the ddvla added the 107 at the end (this was covered in a thread before). I don’t mine what license he has, it’s was just to educate the op, so he doesn’t get nabbed by the cops at some point in time. btw you can drag a bigger trailer with the appropriate vehicle but your total limit is 8.25 afairc with that code 107


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