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  1. Buy a Forst - their bearings are warrantied for 3 years
  2. I have used them side by side and very different machines - forst tr8 was much more aggressive and powerful, plus threw the chip much better
  3. Forst TR8 all day, beats the timberwolf hands down in terms of performance and back up from Redwood
  4. Talk to Redwood they are very helpful - 01264 721790
  5. If weight isn't an issue, try the Forst ST6 - if you liked a tw150 you'll love an ST6
  6. How many TP dealers are there in the UK?
  7. Seen PTO TPs about but perhaps that's because there isn't much to go wrong with PTO chippers - good after sales and back-up is as important as getting the right chipper!
  8. Just spotted this advertised http://redwoodused.com/car/bandit-2005/
  9. Has anyone tried the Forst or Timberwolf petrol 6" chippers?
  10. Glenn, try talking to Orange Plant - i believe they import Carlton and are based around the midlands, definitely worth a phone call
  11. No I think his was an older machine, think a trader offered him around 4k with the electric fault but not sure what he sold it for in the end. Sound good value for a 2009 machine with 12" capacity but I guess you run the risk of downtime if you have to wait for parts to come in from US. Also could be hard for you to see on if you decided to change it in a few years time... Is it the 12 inch capacity that's tempting you?
  12. I know of a tree surgeon who has just sold his Carlton 1790 as it was costing too much to run - plus backup and parts availability in the UK is poor. Had electrical faults which were costly to repair. My advice would be to go with a brand that will give you decent back-up and support - people speak highly of the Forst ST8 chipper, try getting one of those on demo


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