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  1. Hers my typical costings cord £27 a cube running of splitter on tractor £2 per cube running saws £2 per cube so that gives me a cube of split logs on the truck for around £31 then the delivery based on an average of £5 worth of diesel and another £3 for the running costs on the truck,so dropped on the customers drive im looking at about £40 and selling at £90 gives me a miserly £50, thats without building costs insurance advertising, double handling on what goes in the drying shed and thats without going in to useing the proccessor, yeh goes on and on no wonder I got holes in me boots.
  2. Anyone got any for delivery or collection ? netted loose or packed Thanks
  3. Looking for some help with our busy firewood buisness Easy going casual hours to suit. High wycombe/Stockenchurch area Hp14 07906599461
  4. Looking for bulk sticks,we normally supply in 65x45 nets W.H.Y
  5. Just to add to that if I may, how much loose split cube would one get form Hardwood stacked cord cube?
  6. We are paying £44 plus vat thats for a cube not tonne ,not sure how the two fair up,road side and clearing ourselfs
  7. Hi All could anyone steer me in the direction of a reasonable Insurace company? It is for a about 6 months of felling some Ash for a local charity
  8. Well im glad to hear the Ash is exceptable for the job,I have already sold hundreds of nets with no problems so far,does look good in the net all those straight white sticks.
  9. What would be the best Kindling wood for my system ,we start with 12" rounds split them down then through the machine proberbly some soft wood?then just need to get my hands on some,we have been useing some straght Ash but the nets are very heavy although the wood is dry
  10. Yes thanks guys,I think I will offer £120 a day to start off,and see how it goes, I always struggle with workers tried everything being nice,being strick ,paying big money, always end up with the same bums,turn up and look like they have not sleep for a week ,phone in one hand and a can of Red bull in the other.
  11. Hi All, Could I please ask the going rate for some help with my firewood proccesing? Day rate ?loading the proccesor,splitting logs on the tractor log splitter,bagging some kindling ect. Only really a casual job for a month or two,until my Sons back on the scene.
  12. Ah Good point, were HP14 Buckinhamshire J5 m40
  13. Hi All, Looking to buy in our lighting wood this year,anyone local for good sized nets I can collect any prices would be good. Ta
  14. I have 3 of the things,none of them read the same,variations of up to 10% so whats the point,always said they were a gimmick,they can tell a soaking wet log from a dry one and thats it,I have already had them come out with the meter, and delivered a few loads and they have left them in a mouldy old wet shed for a week then called me to come and take a look at there now 38%mc logs,,the whole thing is going to be a nightmare
  15. Good post,from one seasoned woodman to another we switched to vented bags a few years ago,they work very well,wood drys much better than tipping in a barn,they will stack up 3/4 high depending on your loaders lift,they are tipped by placing them on the truck bed,detach the bag and at the bottom of the bag there are two extra tabs hook on them and then lift and the bag flips upside down,then your loaded,very pleased with ours there 3 years old and each one must have been filled 50 times and there still in good shape,as I remember about £7 from ebay...Good luck Chap
  16. So if we make sure we deliver 20%or lower in the coming years we will be ok
  17. Thaks for that,we sold 225 cube to date this year,so what will happe in 2022? what will I need to do?
  18. So can anyone put me straight please,in laymans terms all getting a bit confusing, I season my wood in the stick for a year or so,cut split then barn store for the summer,then it goes out in the winter,around 20%mc can I carry on or what?or will I be brakeing the law after 2021? Cheers!
  19. No, he just left it on there,must be getting alot of calls
  20. Nice one! very greatfull for your help, all ordered and half the price of the local robbers.
  21. Yes here we go...oregon 130txlbk095 h7 13" .050/1.3cm .325-56 I think its for a Husky saw, Its an aliminium core lamanated job,and has these tear drop oil outlets,never seen them before...Thanks
  22. Yeh thats me rushing to get finished before it gets dark,any ideas on getting a spare bar online, struggling to referance it to anything the same,the oil outlets are a tear drop shape rather that round , just thinking the round holes may not match up with the oiler,I could get one local but very expencive there.


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