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  1. I like to hope this technology will be up to speed in time for me to become old and inferm... it sure sounds like it would transform a retirement homes' entertainment. However if you take it to the next level of having your body sustained by automated machine while your brain roams free its got overtones of the film 'the matrix'.
  2. Good to know, thanks. It beats using mspaint to freehand houses and gardens!
  3. Its to do with copyright i think. I was told to stop using copy/pasted google maps and also the councils own mapping system and drawing my tree locations over the top for this reason.
  4. Bumping this, if it sounds like you please get in touch
  5. Child fingers related post, please delete
  6. Hello. I'm after a subby ticketed climber for odd days here and there, never anything horrible, experienced ground crew. Between Bury St Eds and Sudbury. Last time I advertised for groundies a bunch of climbers got in touch, I wrote details down but I've lost the bit of paper so please get in touch even if we've spoken before. Please get in touch on 07817940659 Regards, Michael
  7. Hello, I’m looking for someone to help me on Thursdays and Fridays with potential irregular Wednesdays if it suits all involved. No flex in those two days unfortunately as its set around child care and a part time working wife. Based in Suffolk between Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury. My work area tends to be the Bury/Stowmarket/Sudbury area. I do domestic tree work with a bit of hedge cutting. No commercial stuff. Tickets are nice but not essential; more important to me is reliability and the ability to work together with me to get the job done in an efficient and high quality manor. Payment based on experience and ability. I think I pay at the top end. Please ring 07925853973 or text 07817940659 or email info@springhalltreecare.co.uk Thanks, Michael


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