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  1. The end boss looks right but I think the top and bottom roller body's are different in length certainly different on my machine hope you get it sorted
  2. Ring spectrum plant they are great to deal with and very knowledgeable just changed my top roller part's arrived spot on
  3. Hi everyone I'm just in the throws of a rebuild on a entec ch25 everything seems pretty good apart from the stress management missing completely unfortunately the kholer engine that was on it has been swapped out for a copy which is fine runs great etc etc question is besides the flywheel (chipper side) sensor does the stress management need an engine speed sensor either from an ignition coil or alternator pick up to it make it work ? or does it solely rely on the fly (chipper side) wheel sensor and 12v from the battery to power it ? Any information would be great cheers in advance
  4. What's the make n model of it ? Regards phil
  5. Manchester rd Bury b n b on there near holy cross college
  6. Same problems with ts190 no filter so made one with stainless steel mesh available on eBay cheap £8 works just fine easily cut shaped and fit with zip clips just keep it clean n blown off with dirty Conifer !
  7. Empty it out and stick it in the hold mate does it regular to France no problems at all
  8. Yeh I get that fella was after how many links it takes to make a chain up to suit if anyone's got the same bar to fit an 88
  9. Hey guys found an old bar in our workshop ideal for milling up big stuff it's an old bar no nose sprocket ! Lol any how there's no reference to how many links it will need ! Takes 404 chain anyone got one like it and know the link count cheers in advance chaps
  10. Reading between the lines it's mostly used in the states also in RV antifreeze my boss used it many years ago with good results just curious if anyone has been using it cheers for ur replys guys
  11. Hi everyone has anyone used polyethylene glycol peg for drying out and treating green wood ? If so what results have you had and do you use it neat or watered down ?
  12. Grcs is ace handles most things we throw at it we wouldn't have anything else now also comes with standard bollard we to this day haven't used it if you can push ur budget get one amazing lifting power and lowering control with it
  13. philh

    ARB tipper back

    Thanks for that guys it's not going to be fitted permanently so needs to be removable in-between jobs to draw less attention to the van for thieving gits ally is what I'm going with for the frame because I can get it welded foc off a friend and weights nothing its the sheeting that's the stumbling block any further ideas would be good thanks chaps
  14. Hi guys I'm after ideas on what everyone else has used for chipper box sides priced up ally and it's a fortune ! Was thinking ally angle frame work lined with something else weight Vs strength in material choice i was thinking Luton box van siding it won't be taking a serious battering every day just weekend work any other ideas would be appreciated


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