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  1. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Did the earth move for you?

    Reading this I now realise I felt it ,well saw it...all the way out in east Lancashire. I have this glass tube thing with water in that lights up and bubbles, it sits on a shelf in my computer room...I was sitting there reading a web page and noticed the light that reflects of the top of the water moving on the wall, I immediately thought it must be me or my chair leaning against the desk and the pc monitor touching the shelf must be making it wobble...when I checked if the monitor was touching I found it not to be , then it stopped...I can remember thinking "the wall cannot move"...Whale Oil Beef Hooked it did.
  2. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Log Goblins

    I have tried to convince the misses that we need to move near to this heavenly place where logs are free , but she just bangs on about schools and family ect . If the women round those parts are like the wood and as easy to come by ,I'm packing my bags.
  3. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Christmas Box Idea

    The Misses wanted me to make a Christmas Eve Box for our daughter, ended up with this thing that's not much use but it was fun to make and only cost £7 with a free fibre optic light thing. Its been a hassle, worth the hassle but a bugger on the eyes and fiddly work...was going to do loads more but have had enough for now ...what do you all think?
  4. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Making the news today....

    Forget PPE when God is ya mate...in the news today. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-41251896/hurricane-irma-chainsaw-nun-takes-internet-by-storm
  5. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Making the news today....

    Just seen a unique way of topping a Tree on BBC news site. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/headlines/41237592/plane-crash-pilot-walks-away-after-aircraft-hits-tree
  6. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Pallet Kitchen

    Nice one Danny Boy I am sure you can do it if you try. My wood working skills are very limited and I only have the cheapest of tools , so if I can do it so can you. Hardest thing is picking the right planks to use if using pallet wood...make sure old nail holes will not be on view as much as poss when you final cut the worktop edge ,and spotting any mould on your planks can be difficult to see sometimes until its too late and you are sanding it .Also with pallet wood some planks change thickness from one end or side to the other, these can come in handy as occasionally when making a worktop you can start going upwards from the flat table you are building it on, an angled plank can easily correct this ,so keep the bad ones to one side for this purpose. The worktop without the sink has been in use now for about a year and it has not moved at all or gone dark due to water penetration.I expected something to warp or split but the only issue I found was that after about 3 months I noticed a few planks (about 4) out of the 120ish that make up the worktop had either risen or sunk, making a slight step feel in the worktop, sanded out jobs a goodun. Paranoid about water getting beside my sink worktop I inspect this all the time and after 6 months of the tap being installed and daily use there is no sign of water made dark patches, and no movement at all of planks, no stepping yet. I will finish mine this year if my health allows...and if I can find away to stop making other things, gluing and screwing free wood can inspire many more ideas that make you start other projects, I have made shelves as big as you can possible want from pallet wood , letters as big as you want and as thick as you want ,a tree house with decking for my little girl ,Christmas house,model village,coat rack and garden furniture. Once you start gluing and screwing its hard to stop.
  7. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Log Clock

    I like this , nice one shillo...I did not think you could get wooden clock hands? Did you make them yourself? and if so , does the weight of the hands you replaced have to be the same as the wooden hands ? otherwise it might not keep time?
  8. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Making the news today....

    I think every human is naturally suspicious of something or someone different to what they have become to know. I think Suspicion is built into our genes and is an essential tool in order to progress/survive .Suspicion breeds fear and from fear comes defence, which then leads to war.These thoughts weather right or wrong are a big part of being Human and have got us where we are today... but we all try to suppress this as we are continually told its wrong and even racist.We even educate our kids to think they do not have the right to be fearful of something different or someone , they are told this is a racist thought that needs forgetting, when in fact its there rights to think what they like and maybe its even natural to think like this...I am not saying racism has a place or is right but people do have a right to be racist ,they just cannot preach it. At 13 years old I can remember other kids from another school wanting to fight our school ,for no reason other than we were not pupils at there school. Also kids from a tough village down the road (Britwell)would come to ours to fight our kids just because we were Cippenham boys. Humans don't seem to be able to get along with each other even when the same race,any excuse from football team to skin colour seems the order. Even if we all were the same colour ,from the same village and had the same life's ,it would then be about eye colour of nose length...there will always be something.
  9. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Whole village TPO

    I wonder if someone who lives in the village works at the council or even TPO department?nudgenudge
  10. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Log Clock

    I will be adding numbers around this clock soon,or twigs drilled into the side pointing to where numbers should be,big twigs for the 12 3 6 9 and small for all else might work well. Here it is (on floor just messing with ideas)with some oversized odd coloured numbers ,smaller is needed I think.
  11. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Log Clock

    I ordered on-line from China a clock mechanism for £1.12p including postage ,I had never made a clock before but for £1.12 I thought I may as well try. I did not expect it to keep time or even arrive at that price ,but it came after 3 weeks and it keeps the time ,not lost a minute in 2 weeks and the second hand has a nice continuous movement .How there is a profit in this is beyond me. I just drew around the mechanism onto the log and drilled and chiselled out so as the mech sits flush with wood,the clock face had to be 6mm or less,it hangs nicely against the wall with no gap .
  12. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    £1200 for a bonfire

    Plenty of Free wood here... but you need to be insured and have experience. https://www.gumtree.com/p/freebies/free-wood-from-fallen-trees-/1259915089
  13. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Pallet Kitchen

    Hi guys ,Im so sorry for not replying to the reply's and all,all feedback was much appreciated...I am the original poster woodlover,forgot my password and have recently got myself a facebook page so logged in that way as its easy,an created this profile. Long story short...Doc said I cant even make pallet kitchens ,spine in knackered ,I am gutted,been waiting months for diagnosis ect...so project is on hold ,will be completed one day soon and I will post finished pics here. I hope someone has been inspired to have a go themselves,please post your pics if you have.


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