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  1. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Not had issues with google but face book has freaked me out with there tech. I have a fb page but its not my real last name and it contains no pictures of me or anything about my personal life, have no family as friends on it, don't use it as was set up for a business that did not take off. My partner posts pictures of me and her all the time on her fb and in those pictures if you put the curser over my face it suggests tagging my mum in as if fb recognises my pic as my mums...wtf is that about? FB has the tech to recognise family members from pics alone? How can fb know I am linked to my mum is not right and is above the tech already out there for face recognition tech?
  2. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Christmas in front of a wood burner :)

    By the time the 6th is lit you will be running to the 1st to reload with wood, by the time you get to the 6th you will be back to the first to re-load , what with stairs and carrying wood you will be hot enough without a fire...sounds like hard work and no time to enjoy until the last loads are in.You need a house keeper , butler type to run 6...or a wife from times gone by.
  3. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    Merry Christmas to all...and to the police, fire-brigade and united utilities engineers who are hopefully trying to get our water back on...At least 200 houses around my house have had no water since 11am, of all days. Already on the beer as the kettles empty, even got peace and quiet for half hour whilst the misses and sprog are shopping for water...Brandy next.
  4. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Pikeys and professionals.

    I found this.... Gorger ( with a variant of Gadjo pronounced Gajjo) means non-gypsy in the Romani language. It seems to be from Gazar (Gujjar) who migrated from central Asia into the Sub-continent and were known for their ferocity. Over a period of time they settled, started agriculture and livestock.
  5. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Asthma, coughing and breathing

    I have a had similar symptoms and was referred to a ENT clinic (Ear nose and throat), they stuck a camera up my nose and it turns out I had an infection up my nose...only way to get rid was spraying anti-biotics up my nose 3 times a day for 3 months, pills wont work...or its a simple op I think.
  6. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(


    I think the powers that be may have allowed or are still allowing this to go on in order to introduce stricter laws around drone ownership.This will certainly work.
  7. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Favourite Christmas song.

    This is the best of Kevin Bloody Wilson IMO...not Christmas related (I apologise to thread creator ) but funny as and a must share if folk are liking the guy.
  8. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Favourite Christmas song.

    Im sorry, had to be done...Merry Christmas.
  9. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Cord wood

    For any one wondering WTF...do yourself a favour and put "codwood" in the search box, funniest thread ever.
  10. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(


    HMRC told me a 7 years ago that I had to take the 20% of any one that I employed to work on the houses I was doing up.I only did up old houses it was not a construction site. My carpet fitter from that day on only wrote "to supply" on his invoices and not to supply and fit , this ment not paying his 20% on his labour as I was just paying for a product. Otherwise he did not want the work. My Plumber said no way he pays his own tax...So he up`d his prices 20%, and still he was cheaper than anyone else so I carried on using him. It is a system that any one man business could do with out, it cost me profit paying more to my plumber and the hassle having to pay other peoples tax was a ball ache doing it once a month, one time I forgot to pay on time and had to drive to there office in Liverpool from Nelson in order to not get fined £100 , I think it cost me close to £100 in diesel and lost wages but I would rather that 100 went any where other than HMRC. When dealing with HMRC it reminded me of the movie Goodfellas, I told them I was too busy to pay the Tax monthly...They said fuck you, pay me. I said my business is doubling its turnover every year and I cannot manage there demands at the moment without help...They said...Fuck you, pay me. I said I was ill and could not currently do the paperwork as I was struggling to do anything...Fuck you,pay me. I loved being in business and could handle quotes and invoices but my paperwork skills else where were shite and what HMRC demanded of me gave me more stress than any other part of my whole business. When I knew it was the end of my business as I was too ill to run it I just ignored HMRC for the sake of my health , £9000ish is what the £100 and then £200 fines totalled by the time Companys house struck it off. And what if a company that took your tax went bust before they paid it to HMRC? do you then have to pay it again?
  11. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(


    There is a thing up on top of screen in the horizontal line of words in big letters "ARBTRADER" nothing to do with star wars and wood like I thought, its wood and stuff for sale...maybe there is the place you seek?
  12. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wet vs Dry Firewood

    Im a bit with the promoting a company view when in one post you have always burnt seasoned logs...in another post you have only had the burner at back end of last winter, we had a good summer so I don't understand the "always" bit about burning seasonedish stuff when you say later its all a new thing?
  13. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    A predominately outside and varied work life. How has yours been?

    Started selling stolen stationery at school aged 10 , to teachers and pupils. My older brother and his mates found a way into a local factory. Lasted a few months, gave me a taste for money making about £20 a week. Had a paper round at 11, had 2 by 13. Then worked in a bed showroom helping deliver ect at 14 , did this till 16 sometimes clocking 40 hours a week after school and at weekends. Also made money at school renting out vhs videos bought on family hols to Malta, even sold cigs one year at school that my parents did not know we smuggled back. At 16 I left school and got a YTS job in a warehouse ,40 hours for £40...only did it as parents said did not have to pay rent,earned more at bed shop but did not like that job anymore. Became supervisor at warehouse when 17 and got pay rise, left at 18 because a 32 year old I was supervising earned more than me and by then I was managing the warehouse as manager too busy in office. Moved from Slough Town to Burnley , got a job on a stone quarry .Sunday night got drunk , fell over trying to put keys in car door, started at quarry on Monday and by Tuesday morning I could not move, I had slipped a disc falling on the Sunday, so my quarry job ended after 1 day.Got a bit of stick for being a soft sothener for lasting one day but I had slipped a disc. 2 months later started work at a kitchen factory, did not like it and left to go and work in Tenerife as my brother was out there. Did the night clubs and day time PR`ing jobs for 6 months but after that I was shagged out and drinking a lot every night...Got a proper job at Harry Ramsdens, hol pay contract the lot,about the best job poss...Lasted 2 months wearing that stupid f-ing straw hat and left Tenerife for Slough. 3 months in UK doing an office job for an uncle,and my parents want to sell up and move to Tenerife. So at 20 I manage their bar/restaurant at night, lasts a year and they sell up...too much hard work for little return. Then I ran a Holiday Hire company for 4 years until that got sold.Delivered for a printing company at siesta time. At 25 I moved to Holland , worked in a tulip factory but season was short so was out of work quicker than expected. Worked in Carbon fibre factory which was a top secret project type of thing, had to sign sht to say could not share stuff or work in similar company for so many years.They went bankrupt 3 months later. Then I got a labours job at a pre fab cement works, loved the job which was hard but kept me fit,and the pay was more than I could spend...saved a few grand. Soon I got promoted after a year to work on another secret project involving hollow concrete piles. Loved Holland but I thought it is either time to learn dutch or go. At 28ish I moved back to Saint Annes near Blackpool, did labouring for a general builder for a year whilst living in a caravan on parents drive. 29 moved to Nelson Lancashire and worked in a chocolate factory packing chocolate bars and stuff,absolute sht job but i could get 90 mini mars eggs in my pockets at a lunchtime, they searched you at home time. 3 months later got a job doing ground work on building sites, lasted about 3 years and learnt a lot. Then did gardening / fencing for a few builders I knew...One day whilst chatting to a plasterer I asked if I could have a go and discovered I was a natural.Was a plasterer with him then for 18 months and then got an opportunity to do up houses. Did up 100 or so houses in the 3 years that followed until my health let me down, I was working 12 hour days almost every day of the year and thought I was burnt out even though I loved it...turned out 18months of pain later it was a disc in the neck. Since then I have recovered from an op and stuff and then become a father. At the Mo the misses works and likes to whilst I cook and look after the toddler. I toy with projects all the time looking for something that I can do full time without any bad side affects to my health but theres not much.I am sure once my toddler starts school I will come up with something.
  14. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    don't know how to keep going

    If its affecting your walking you need to see a neurologist. I have 4 slipped discs (2 in neck,2 in lower back) and one that's bulging. I had a disk taken out in my neck a few years ago as it was affecting my walking ,it even started to make my willy feel numb, thank god the op fixed it... my back is ok now if I don't use it at all. The worst thing with slipped discs is they do seem to get better ,they shrink(dehydrate) in about 6 weeks once slipped so they usually stop pressing the nerve that affects your walking or balance pain ect but new pressure is put on the surrounding discs, so you think your better but in fact your body is weaker than before and its easier to slip another disc. I now try to avoid any lifting but just putting a full wheely bin out or picking up my 4 year old daughter for a cuddle, carrying shopping ect can trigger weeks of pain. I have found that complete removal of all back work makes it worse long term as when you do need to use your back your not ready for it, I had to replace our cooker 2 years ago and just doing that led to 9 months of a stiff neck and a new slipped disc. With physio it was 18 months before it was back to a normal state. Its hard to change your job ,hobby or life but for the long term future and so your able when your old, you have to do it.
  15. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(


    In India they use a bucket full of water with a stick over the top and something spins on the stick, I think like a toilet roll, and you end up with a rat in ya bucket...You will have to utube it as I cant remember the exact method.


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