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  1. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Waterproof alternative to plywood

    Only prob with the idea is insulation, I guess for the coldest of winters they will need soil all around the sleeping boxes in order to stay warm, so maybe building sleeping areas big enough to accommodate a wall of straw where the door is would be an idea.
  2. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Waterproof alternative to plywood

    Access from the top makes it hard to keep water proof and also will spoil the look if you are going for all turf and a natural look, manholes that I have fitted years ago are not water prof and are expensive...Why not place the sleeping box`s side by side at one edge of the mound, the edge that is least in view and just have a door on its side for access, even staple some fake turf to the door it if it is in view.I would actual put some small closable viewing windows in the door so the kids can see them in there home and you can check things or replace bedding ect.Only down side is the rabbits will have a bit of a sheer drop from top of mound on that side but something can be added to the top like a bush or rocks. Build sleeping boxes out of concrete blocks, concrete flags for roof with overhang where door is to keep rain off,covered in cheap plastic sheeting before you cover it with mud/turf.
  3. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Kiln dried load

    Logs that was a growing tree this time last year, felled in Dec 2017 an split last March are 17% up in the hills of east lancs, why would any one kiln dry when nature does the job in a reasonable time anyway. Some old wet pine felled 3 years ago and left to rot under evergreen trees recently split and it reads 25% on the inside.
  4. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wood with natural holes in?

    I still want this wood with holes in....Have the cash ready to pay a tenner a piece collected,minimum 5 within 40 miles of Burnley...also I will pay for any logs/arb waste you have to add money in ya pocket if you can deliver,I would pay say £200 for 10 pieces and a few ton of soft wood arb waste. Or...I will build you a fairy house from a donated log in return for 10 more logs(with holes in).
  5. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    trees growing in strangest places

    Thread could be called "Man verses Nature"...she will always win in the end.
  6. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wood with natural holes in?

    Thanks devon TWiG….So if it is the result of cutting a branch too close to the trunk, and this is not standard practise ,I guess I will struggle to get a regular supply of such wood. In my fire wood log piles I have only ever had this one piece in 5 years or so of wood gathering.
  7. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wood with natural holes in?

    Can someone Please tell me how common these pieces of wood are with holes in...And does it have a name for when a hole develops? I need to know what to ask for if it does... and also is the hole the result of a dead branch or infected/infested wood. The pictured one had woodworm holes in the dead wood that was in the hollow holy bit,but no where else.
  8. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Steep driveway surface

    Why not just dig it out and either slope the ground around it or build walls to retain the ground if they cannot be reduced?
  9. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Have you ever bought any stove accessories/added extras

    Got 2 log Burners ,stove fan on one but not the other. Small log burner 4kw needs the help but my 14kw does not, and I think the fans are limited to the heat they can handle anyway,even my small burner has taken the black paint off the fan at the base. Would defo recommend for small burners.
  10. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wood with natural holes in?

    No candle or tea light...Solar powered LED lights are what is used by most who sell these, I am going to be looking into this myself but don't really like the idea of sticking a solar panel on a nice lump of wood... for now for photo purposes I am just using £1 shop LED battery run lights, which is fine for indoor use. As for bugs...could be a selling point... if you give a bug a home, its easier to evict them.
  11. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wood with natural holes in?

    I would pay up to a tenner for any like in the pic I posted... I only need a minimum of 30 a year, hopefully more .Would buy 20 in one go and can collect within a reasonable distance to Nelson,lancs . Would like in about 3 weeks but can be a bit longer.
  12. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wood with natural holes in?

    I am in Nelson,near Burnley Lancashire. Sorry thought my location was shown.
  13. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Wood with natural holes in?

    I want to buy lengths of wood that have holes in. I need any species that has holes that develop naturally. I intend on making Fairy houses out of them. About 800mm in length and 150mm-300mm wide would be perfect. Here is an example. Also could someone please tell me if wood with these holes is common or a rarity?
  14. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Did the earth move for you?

    Reading this I now realise I felt it ,well saw it...all the way out in east Lancashire. I have this glass tube thing with water in that lights up and bubbles, it sits on a shelf in my computer room...I was sitting there reading a web page and noticed the light that reflects of the top of the water moving on the wall, I immediately thought it must be me or my chair leaning against the desk and the pc monitor touching the shelf must be making it wobble...when I checked if the monitor was touching I found it not to be , then it stopped...I can remember thinking "the wall cannot move"...Whale Oil Beef Hooked it did.
  15. woodlovergonetofbasthatshowitsdonenowadays:(

    Log Goblins

    I have tried to convince the misses that we need to move near to this heavenly place where logs are free , but she just bangs on about schools and family ect . If the women round those parts are like the wood and as easy to come by ,I'm packing my bags.


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