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  1. Gaz-exRM

    Why I started Arbtalk

    That songs a description of my Thailand visits (for work of course) after a few Singha/vodka chasers.
  2. Gaz-exRM

    Why I started Arbtalk

    Arbtalk is a brilliant resource.
  3. Gaz-exRM

    ART positioner

    Use a grillon.
  4. I love that vid. He seriously knows his trade and environment. I’d send him a weight and line for free. 😉
  5. Carry an extra throw bag and line 🤣
  6. What would you do differently to this guy ?
  7. How many firemen/women does it take too fell a tree ?
  8. I thought it was a comedy at first !
  9. Have you seen these YouTube videos ? Has anyone got any better videos ?
  10. Never said you were. ‘If’ is the pro word. And if you act on the customers request then the results are not your concern. You still work safely and professionally at all times I’m sure. Your giving me grief for wanting make sure guys in the industry are safe and sound. My conscience wouldn’t let me walk away from doing the right thing (even at my expense) by a guy.
  11. I had that feeling. It’s abroad. I’ve seen a lot of different practices while working in the USA. But it changes from state to state. West Africa was the biggest head turner. But after a few shocking videos and casualty demo’s the guys start to agree with our standards. Plus the companies employing them start to take responsibility. The industry has changed a lot in west Africa since 1999 when we first provided training.
  12. Not really. It’s throwing a life line to improving standards. Having piece of mind that a keen bloke has been correctly trained and supervised by seasoned professional people. If I’m an ar*e for providing that then fine, I can take courage in my convictions.
  13. I run a business. I have a duty of care. If you’re a cowboy yourself then you will support anything below what’s ‘best safe practice’ I expect that.
  14. I was sent this photo via email of a ‘very experienced climber’ looking to work with a well established company. What concerns would you have ? On the other hand is it worth taking the guy on and putting him with one of the crews to learn from guys that a view as the top of their game ? Dilemma.
  15. Gaz-exRM

    Interested in a TW160 PH.

    Cheers Jan. I’ve stepped away from anything more than domestic work. I’m enjoying the job again now. Cheers for the feedback. Gaz


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