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  1. Gaz-exRM

    Drenline for SRT.

    Like we aren’t confused enough. You could do a PHD on rope !!
  2. Gaz-exRM

    Drenline for SRT.

    It's a great line if you plan on using it for MRS and SRS. It is a little bouncy to be strictly used for SRS in my opinion. Great rope tho, ecspecially in the ZZ We’ve bought both now. Your spot on about the characteristics of drenline being better for MRS. I now use xstatic for SRS.
  3. The attachment point is BS EN 358:2018 rated so it’s good to go. My rock climbing harnesses obviously have a bridge of that type to belay from. I tend to tie a re-threaded figure eight to fall on though. Most people don’t though they clip straight in. Most will belay of the strong point though. I like the new Petzl sequoia SRT myself for work. Let us no know how you get on. This is an old photo of my Stein. I messed with a way of taking in the bridge for SRT ascending. The Petzl SRT has everything I’d want built in.
  4. Gaz-exRM

    Adjustable Bridge For Treemotion

    I devised one for the stein I was given. works well. Gaz
  5. Gaz-exRM

    Braid on braid prussik

    I and the RM have climbed on English Braids rope since I joined in the 90’s. Used they’re 8mm and 10mm cord for every type of hitch. They work fine, maybe they might not last as long as aramid type cord and other stuff like Yale beeline (I use it, cos I get it cheap) but yes it is good gear.
  6. Gaz-exRM

    What would you have done with this tree?

    Bracing is a great idea. The more you eliminate the movement the better. Is there an higher anchor point to remote yourself to so your not physically attached to the subject tree itself ?
  7. Gaz-exRM

    What would you have done with this tree?

    That is a potential boobytrap. I removed a tree like that on an Thames water STW over a tank with negative buoyancy. I said to the guvanor “a crane would be ideal .” He ordered a big bugged in. We removed the tree and lay it on a big grassy area. Then they used it for a few more jobs with pumps etc. That’s a luxury though.
  8. Gaz-exRM

    2006 l200 engine management light

    I was looking through here for advice and found this EGR info. It all checked out now my truck is spot on. cheers mate 😉
  9. Gaz-exRM

    WR & ZZ

    I’ll give Mike a bell (not end) Monday. Cheers.
  10. Gaz-exRM

    WR & ZZ

    Your a bite merchant Mr Bullman. I’d like to me you I reckon your a lad !
  11. Gaz-exRM

    WR & ZZ

    That’s off a lad called Pat according to my mate. I’ll find out more info tomorrow. I lived in Redding CA for two years or so. The guy who’s family looked after me sent me the device.
  12. Gaz-exRM

    WR & ZZ

    It’s the trigger mechanism off a storm troopers butt plug.
  13. Gaz-exRM

    WR & ZZ

    It comes off as nearly as quick krab. Not that it’s an issue. I’m not timing it. That chicane thing is massively over priced hey ?
  14. Gaz-exRM

    WR & ZZ

    Once the rope runner is available here I’ll definitely get one. That ‘thing’ is great on the rope.
  15. Gaz-exRM

    WR & ZZ

    No more than a Wrench and eye to eye hitch set up.


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