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  1. Hi Will, fuelwood hire there’s out for a week if that helps they can even deliver and pick up for a cost. If you have the timber ready to go and team up with someone I am sure you get a lot done. Personally I buy mine in as haven’t got the time. cheers Steve
  2. Totally agree I’ve tipped up dry logs on customers drive, week later past and there still there saturated! Should be down to the end user but education is the key.
  3. I was under the impression that you had to join woodsure, for any thing under 2 cube and moisture must be under 20%, or sell more than 2 cube at one time and give a leaflet on how to dry and store it even if you are below 20% or higher?? found it gov website wood sold in single units under 2m3(loose stacked) must have a moisture content of 20% or less Whats loose stacked?
  4. I am a one man band, I do my best to keep them dry as I can, repeat customers, sell around 750-800cube air dried a year, I have a barn that I can fit around 250 cube. The first 250cube under 20% no problem, the rest probably looking at 22-28%. This season has been hard with how wet it has been. I need to sell the volume to make it pay, I have heavy invested to make the job and product better. I have a young family my other half works as well. The return on logs aren’t great but I enjoy what I do! I am reluctant to join woodsure as; 1. I cannot meet requirements. 2. It will put the price of the logs up at least £4 per load with a headache. 3. I am not investing 40000 for a kiln, would your customers be willing to pay extra 40quid per load? I will be having to put up prices for next season, as the wood has gone up as there is a hungry biomass plant putting energy in the grid! I will have to do away with our half loads, a new 2.01cube load hopefully vat will still be classed as fuel, will have to be sold with a leaflet saying how to dry my logs! 😂 I go to great effort to keep the logs dry but I know a few of my customers keep the logs outside! The world we live in is click and collect and next day delivery! When its cold amazing how hot my phone is. Buy your logs in the summer too be below 20% in a nutshell we need to burn wood to dry wood, so it is ready to burn! Seriously makes you think on how eco friendly that is!
  5. Any ibc cages for sale down south? Pm me prices and location. many thanks Steve
  6. I buy stacks measured by meters it is the length of the sack x height x length of the timber = -40% for air i believe an artic holds 28meters and some one said awhile ago that they get about 40-45 ibcs per load.
  7. Thanks I can keep them dry, take it they just bolt on a wooden pallet? I have access to a lot of pallets any way. And that is a good point of ventilation. cheers
  8. Which is better wooden base or metal base? Will the metal base dent as filling? Presumably the wooden ones are easy to repair as attach to new pallet? cheers
  9. But how many tons need to be burned to kiln dry?
  10. I've been dealing with Calum since 2014/15 and the first time I called for a part he answered the phone, said unfortunately the part was not in stock but he would rob one of the new machines that he had in stock, I ended up driving up to pick up the part, met him and he showed me around, and he gave me the impression that we are always here which he was. Every problem I had he was at the other end of the phone. called Monday and the response I got was shocking for the service I had received in the past someone who hasn't got a clue what you're saying, "I will get someone to call you back within a couple of days" still no replys, even emails. I am glad that I have 2 processors that is for sure! Was looking at the beginning of this year at the uni forest, as the service was the seller but decided to spend a bit more from someone else, glad I did. I wish him all the best on whatever adventure he has taken, sure he will do well. thanks woodworks it was the bolt on the valve I was struggling with but is all out. I left the ram in looks like you take the right bolt out on the ram and leave the other 2 and the ram drops out of the slot.
  11. Cheers John, shes out will get her off for repair tomorrow. I stuck a bar on the end and a bit of force. Shame riko couldn't advise me when I phoned them earlier, didn't realise Calum is not there any more.
  12. In the process of removing the splitting ram casing for welding, just wonder how the best way to get the bolt for the valve out of the way, as it is very tight. Any other tips on getting the casing out would be appreciated. cheers
  13. Hi Rob thanks for your feedback, I should be able to stack 4 high in the middle of the barn other wise it will be 3. When the ready to burn comes in least it will be a bit more achievable! As rotator I have seen secondhand ones around £1000 +vat I need a class 2 one as I will put it on my 2.5 forks. But unfortunately like every thing with logs it is an outlay, if it makes the job easier then it is an investment. cheers Steve
  14. Thanks woodworks, I am going to get some for next season as I think the air flow in them couldn't be any better than anything else, also should be able to keep more logs in stock. Also do they hold about 1.25 meters?


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