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  1. Steve2011

    Hows the log sales going now

    Delivered 190cube last quarter July-Sep as well as fencing all summer been on logs full time for 2 weeks now, cutting to order now it is crazy, prices gone up today and still booked up till mid week next at the moment. Compared with this time last year I am 60% up on sales, I am shocked for the demand.
  2. Hi Steve 

    pm me if you still need info regarding kindling 

    if you would like to see some we have a Facebook page called loggywood 

    regards Steve 

  3. That is great, that will pay off just with time. It is encouraging to see the mean green machines are still going strong after all that time! Have pm'ed.
  4. Steve2011

    Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Not come through for some reason. Cheers Steve
  5. Steve2011

    Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Interested in prices please looking at 3-4 pallets in the next few weeks.
  6. Steve2011

    RIKO Farmi Mastersplit wp36

    Great machine it got me to where I am now upgraded to a transaw earlier this year as I needed the output I was using it hard last season repairs are easy not much to go wrong it is cheep for what it is. And I still have got it set up.
  7. Steve2011

    Yard Crane

    The old man stores his 2.5t and 5t in my yard I got a grab and rotator a few years back cut up. 2 old buckets to keep the quick hitch and welded brackets to both so whatever machine he has out on a job until both are being used. I just swap the grab. The 5 ton is best as it has the height. Personally I would like to get a tractor timber trailer with crane so I could go and get my own wood and put straight onto deck and would be a lot easier moving timber in the yard.
  8. Steve2011

    Transaw 350 reviews

    I will try that to day with the shoot, I was told the jappa extractor will get blocked up and to go for a woodchip blower but I stretch my budget with the transaw. I not fussed if the sawdust is on the floor just want the dust kept down as the machine is under cover. It is brand new with electric motor and an ex-demo 3 chain deck. Variable speed is the saw speed? Just raised it up on Monday to make it easier to clean underneath. will get some tape and a spare blade in the next couple of months and many thanks.
  9. Steve2011

    Transaw 350 reviews

    Hi bustergasket thanks for your info I took the plunge and I must say I am very impressed. I am still getting use to the machine but I am getting quicker haven't had a full day on it yet and in time I can see the potential of the output. The 8 way knife is fab really nice size logs. The only problem I have is that the sawdust is in the air when cutting. Wonder if you use any extraction?
  10. Steve2011

    How do they cope being so close

    Hot dogs 🌭 any one?
  11. Steve2011

    How do they cope being so close

    Same here, I would have thought that they would be too hot.
  12. Steve2011

    Transaw 350 reviews

    Many thanks had a demo last week and it is definitely well made. Won't be a problem moving it I have a 2.5t truck will just move it Under the barn and next door have 3.5t tele. if any one is running one would like to know your feedback. many thanks
  13. Steve2011

    Transaw 350 reviews

    Hi all looking for recommendations for the transaw with a hydraulic deck. it seems well built and will definitely make things easier on my back. And hopefully speed up production. Any comments will be appreciated. many thanks
  14. Steve2011

    Farmi wp36 valve Spring help

    Hi guys, I am after a bit of help finding a compression spring to go in the ram valve. Many thanks Steve


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