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  1. Thanks again to all of you for the help, ...it's very appreciated!!
  2. PS: How old is too old for petrol?
  3. Thanks again! The fuel is fresh, ...less than a week old. Unfortunately the chainsaw is not under warranty anymore. I bought it as a backup saw and only used it 5 or 6 times during the last 4 years. Initially it was running well, ...until I was going through the base of the trunk. Maybe it just got too hot?
  4. Thanks a lot, that really helps! Also thought that I probably should try a new air filter in case it doesn't get enough air?
  5. What could be the problem with this relatively new chainsaw? What should be the first thing that I should try? Or should I just bring it to my local dealer instead? Many thanks in advance for any advice!!
  6. Yes, West Sussex is much too far. The tree is in Streatham and after I'm done I will pass through Brixton, Central London up to Northwest London. A 20 min detour is ok, but not more than that. Thanks for asking though.
  7. PS: Is there anything I have to look out for when climbing it? Is it unusually brittle (like Willows) or does it behave like most Maples? Just want to make sure as I don't know this tree.
  8. What kind of tree is this? These photos were taken in April in London. Many thanks in advance! PS: if anybody wants these logs for free then just let me know. I can even deliver if it's not too far out of the way.
  9. Thanks a million for your help and sorry for the late reply!
  10. Thanks again for all your suggestions and thoughts. I really do appreciate it! Still not sure whether to reduce crown now or later in the autumn, ...but will make the decision over the weekend.
  11. Thanks a lot for all three replies and maybe I can get a couple more opinions on how to hopefully save the tree. One option I'm considering is to remove the crown entirely and to just leave the healthier lateral limbs. Would this put too much strain on the tree and completely kill it off? I personally wouldn't mind the 'quirky' appearance as it would work well in this particular garden.


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