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  1. Think Reg is on the Island, sure looks like it. Thanks bud!
  2. Hi, I was born in Canada, moved to the UK when I was young. Studied forestry at uni, 4 years experience in commercial forestry as a hand cutter/machine operator. NPTC certs and all that jazz. I'm moving over to Vancouver Island to stay with family to start with. I've been offered a job drivng machines up in interior BC but I want to stay on the Island/sea to sky corridor. Thinking about getting into arb, but as I said all my experience is in forestry. Spent a bit of time as a groundie before I got into the woods but that's about it. I'm still young, spent a fair bit of time rock climbing/mountaineering when I lived up in the Lake District and I know how to use a saw, so I'm hoping I'd be alright at it.. Anyone know what kind of certs you need for Arb out there, reckon I'd be able to get a job? TIA, Jack
  3. Give this man a call- 07850 172944. He’s looking for 2/3 cutters, on piece work (so as long as you’re quick you can earn proper good money) cutting Ash. Accommodation can be provided on estate. Work is for 6-8 weeks and job is based down your way near Newbury.
  4. Hope it's alright to jump on this thread. Looking at going out to aus as well, I'm more the forestry side of things, hand cutting and machine operating. But all relevant uk nptc tickets. I'm just wondering if all nptc are valid in aus? Or do you have to re qualify once you're out there? Thanks, Jack
  5. Went to turn the oil screw up yesterday and when I did it turned far past the 1/4 adjustment you normally get. Now it’s just constantly turning. Any suggestions as to how to fix? Or am I going to have to fork out for a new oil pump? Thanks in advance.
  6. Looking for hand cutting work, based in Bedford but willing to travel/stay away. Self employed or PAYE. NPTC CS30 CS31 CS32 EFAW + F Been on the saw for 2 years. I have all my own PPE and saws plus 4x4. Any more questions, feel free to send a message on pm, or email [email protected]
  7. Looking for hand cutting work around Beds,Herts,Bucks,Northants area. Willing to travel further if the job is right. NPTC CS30,31,32 + EFAW+F. Own saws, ppe and 4x4. 2 years experience in large hardwoods and thinnings.
  8. Somehow only just seen this, thanks for the replies.
  9. Looking to get on to do a windblown trees course, but I can't seem to find anyone running a course in the near future. Anyone know of any? Based in Bedfordshire, but I can travel if necessary. Thanks, Jack
  10. Seeking an opportunity to learn/train as a FMO. 2 years hand cutting, mainly oversized hardwood. HNC in forestry so I have an understanding of forest operations and harvesting. I love my job, but I would like to get the forwarder tickets under my belt and it’s something new. I’m very keen to learn and would be open to any offer. Based in Bedfordshire, and I’m willing to travel. Also could be based in the Lake District. Jack- 07720254639/[email protected] NPTC 30,31,32 EFAW +F
  11. Looking for forestry work in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas over the Christmas period, based in Bedford but willing to travel. NPTC ticketed up to CS32 and I have EFAW +F. Experience felling large hardwoods, thinnings, firewood processing, windblown (experience but no ticket). Also, tree planting, spraying (experience, but no ticket) and fencing. Have all my own PPE and saws plus 4x4. Get in touch on PM or call on 07720254639
  12. Staying in Bedford over the summer. Looking for forestry work, willing to travel. Registered self employed CS30 CS31 CS32 EFAW + F Used to work for RDT down here.
  13. Hi, looking for hand cutting work in and around Cumbria, willing to travel. Registered self employed, all own equipment etc. Feel free to get in contact on 07720254639 or [email protected] CS30 CS31 CS32 EFAW + F Worked for RDT down south previously. Mainly commercial medium/large diameter hardwood forestry. Dealt with softwood thinnings etc. Cheers, Jack
  14. Hi, looking for hand cutting work in and around Cumbria, willing to travel. Registered self employed, all own equipment etc. Cheers. 07720254639. CS30 CS31 CS32 EFAW + F Worked for RDT down south previously.


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