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  1. I'm starting to wonder whether life as an independent consultant would be the way to go. Can anyone advise on a suitable setup in terms of a GPS device to collect the survey data, and software to collect and download the tree survey data and produce tree plans, especially plans for BS5837? I can write my own professional AIA and AMS report and would rather do my own tree protection plans than pay for someone else to do them. I presume I would need some sort of professional indemnity insurance too. Any advice welcome as this is all new to me.
  2. nafnaf

    Fungus ID

    About 6 months ago I reported it to the local council HA. They were not interested. Quelle surprise! I think glistening ink cap is a good call Treeation. As you say, it's saprophytic and is probably living off the dead roots where no doubt they have been cut off when the pavement was resurfaced. Do people never learn?
  3. nafnaf

    Fungus ID

    I have been watching this tree with interest as it is half dead. There was no evidence of what might be causing just half of the crown to die - until this week. I'm not sure what fungus it is but if anyone knows please post an answer.
  4. Also known as dog's rs for obvious reasons!
  5. Saw this beauty growing in a field. It's a young sycamore growing out of the remains of a very old sycamore. Question is, would it be classified as a young tree which seems logical or is it actually all that remains of a veteran tree?
  6. I have a form for surveying veteran trees with a tick cross column headed veneer tree alongside other columns for TPO and Heritage tree. Presumably a veneer tree is one that potentially has very high quality wood which seems to be a slight contradiction with a veteran tree. Yes I know not all veteran trees are hollow and have decay cavities etc. but shouldn't we be extolling the virtues of veteran trees and therefore not encouraging their felling. A precise definition or further explanation of a 'veneer tree' would be welcome nafnaf
  7. Bleeding canker of horse chestnut. The causal agent is now most often due to a bacterial pathogen, Pseudomonas syringae pv aesculi, and only very occasionally caused by Phytophthora as was originally thought.


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