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  1. Stihl O8S

    Send me a message if you don't find one. I may have a spare in the garage.
  2. stihl 076av

    Saw your ad. Really needs more pictures and details, including bar and chain. As noted above, compression test and picture of the piston will really help. Good luck with the sale. Scott
  3. What's on your bench today?

    Jonsered 601. Fresh from Sweden. 180 psi on the compression tester. It's a runner.
  4. stihl 076av

    Some good info here. Agree that 300-350 sounds reasonable. Chain brake should help. FYI - good OEM cylinders and pistons are difficult to come by and quite expensive for NOS, so if you want strong money for it, do a compression test and pull the muffler off to take pictures of the piston. Good luck
  5. What's on your bench today?

    Have four Contra's (3x 106 cc and 1x 137 cc) on the bench in the middle of a complete restore/refresh/rebuild. Will take me a while to finish them all. Also have a BLK 57 that showed up yesterday. Complete saw in good condition. Bund model, so it's olive drab. Need to source an original box and kit for it. Will do a quick clean, compression check, and inventory before putting it aside for a while. And a Raket 621 that came in yesterday as well. Same as the BLK -- it's complete, will get a compression check, quick clean and inspection and put it aside until I can get to it.
  6. Anyone want an old jonsereds 621?

    I'll take it. I have about a dozen vintage Jonsereds, including a few 621's that I'm rebuilding. It will be in good company in my garage. Thanks, Scott


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