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  1. I should hope when you remove a tree it is gone haha. I dont put guarantees in writing but i do offer a workmanship guarantee. Bsically I cant guarantee a lot of the materials for building or what the weather will do or any other acts of god. but if I do something wrong you bet I will make it right 100%
  2. I was a gymnast in high school and also rock climb core strength has never been a problem for me. The best thing I have found for core strength is slacklining, think tow strap set up between two trees and then walk across it. like a tight rope but not so tight. Planked 3 minutes easy definitely harder when you keep your form really good. I see alot of people sag down on their lower back. not good at all. Of course I have a full back fusion so proper posture is no problem for me my back doesn't really bend the wrong way now haha.
  3. I designed mine on Weebly, I have a few business's that I have designed on weebly. It's very easy to use and they have some great add on features too if you are looking for something more specific. its not amazing I am still thinking of updating it to make it look better but it gets the job done you can check it out here. I also recommend Wix.com very similar format for webdesign drag and drop user interface like weebly. very simple to use. I have heard good things about foursquare but never used it myself. Weebly has templates that you can download as well. if you are looking for a more professional custom look.
  4. I have a local cobbler that replaces my old soles with a vibram logger sole once they have worn out. It lasts far longer than my original sole did. the gripping issue on wet or polished surfaces is still an issue though.
  5. I think picking him up a new tree is a great idea. Any way that you can turn this into good PR. If you do anything to go out of your way I think the mom will spread good messages about you and your service to everyone she know and it may just land you some work in the future good luck with this one its a toughy.
  6. that is to funny! Also, exactly why I tend to skip leg day I get so sore my legs feel just like I'm lugging around tree trunks. makes it mighty hard to climb any tree.
  7. Is there a US firewood supplier directory? I joined about a week ago, I know it is UK but there was so much good info on here truly an invaluable resource for referencing anything I could ever have a question on. I generally end up with more firewood than I can sell locally.
  8. After many years of wanting to go and see the redwoods I finally got my chance last year and took a 3 month trip from Arcata/Eureka CA, down to Arizona. I was hiding from winter and snow. The redwoods are incredible. I head many of them fell down this year, sad to see some of the iconic redwoods fall.
  9. Work is backing up here to much rain, and with all the snow we have gotten the ground is a mucky mess. forcast for the week more rain:s:, I guess everyone will have to wait SMH:pcguru:. maybe I could do irrigation trenches as an up sell to my customers.
  10. Hello all! I have been trimming and removing trees for about 15 years now as a side gig but I just quit my main gig (Medical Machinery Manufacturing) to pursue being an arborist full time. Its never to late to pursue your passion right? I am very excited about the wealth of information available on this site and cant wait to learn all I can. My contact information is below if you need to get ahold of me. thanks! Email TreeServiceLoganUT@gmail.com Website: www.treeserviceloganut.com


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