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  1. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Avant/multi one hire

    No worries thought it maybe a long shot
  2. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Avant/multi one hire

    I may be able to help if it’s Long term hire. Bit of a trek but may work out if you struggle let me know. Happy to help.
  3. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Funding my first chipper

    Speak to Marco at arblease tell him I recommend you. Buy the best you can. Buy cheap buy twice it’s not worth it in the long run.
  4. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Multione at the arb show

    Many thanks to everyone who visited us on the stand. So many positive responses and there’s going to be quite alot of new MultiOne owners shortly. Steve I noticed you hovering around but unfortunately I was busy with a customer. Maybe come say hi if your at the apf.
  5. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Multione at the arb show

    Hi guys I am going to be at the MultiOne stand at this years Arb Show. Come and say hi and see the 10.8 trax, 5.3 and the 6.3+.
  6. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Anyone got a ‘big’ compact loader? Are they any good?

    I know I am pretty biased now (but wasn’t when purchasing originally) and probably sound like a stuck record but before I bought my MultiOne I spent 6 months deciding and researching the different options out there. I now have more than one. If you want transportability on a trailer and a high lift capacity there really is no competition for a 9 or 10 series out there. There is big demand for the MultiOnes as the first question people ask is do you know of any second hand and unfortunately at the moment there’s not. So residual values will stay high. With the 3 year warranty that beats most of the competitors too which only average at 1 year. You honestly won t go wrong.
  7. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Yep a cracking day. Luckily not as hot as yesterday and had a lovely breeze.
  8. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Moving lumps of ash for Tree Care Company with my new 6.3+ today. Enjoying being back working with trees.
  9. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Tp 160 tracked

    Maybe possible for some sites to unload chipper from the side of truck depending on bed height with suitable ramps as most tracked machines turn so easily thus avoiding hitching and hitching Trailer all the time.
  10. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    what mini loader

    Just took delivery of another loader for the hire fleet. Got a range of attachments that I hire out to fellow MultiOne owners as well.
  11. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    4x4 pickup/van mpg's plus reliability

    ranger 3.2 average 31 normal driving.
  12. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Kanga Loaders

    Obviously the kanga is narrow and a small lift capacity. MultiOne 2.3 has much better lift (530kg) capacity compared to the 2 series avant (350kg)
  13. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Mini diggers in woodland

    What about a Compact loader?
  14. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Transit tipper- yay or nay?

    Twin wheel rear. All depends what on how you drove it and the tyres. I had general euro van winter tyres all round. My yard and chip site was very muddy and slipery but never really an issue. I drove it across boggy fields as well. it was best with a load on. Mine was pretty cosy as my main guy was 6ft 8. He also sold his single wheel Isuzu to get a cabstar like mine.
  15. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Transit tipper- yay or nay?

    When I had my arb business I got rid of my transit in favour of a cabstar. I have to say for a 3.5t truck it was fantastic I put some heavy duty springs on it so it did not look over loaded. Would tow anything behind it with a full load on back. I think for 3.5t worth looking at them also the canter or Isuzu equivalents. You get a proper little lorry rather than a van.


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