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  1. Hoist for delivering logs and loading timber

    I need something similar to get my 100kg pedestrian stump grinder on and off my van.
  2. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Tried that and there was nothing to stand on for about 5ft down trying to wield a long reach from that position was interesting
  3. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    I've just spent all day trimming a conifer hedge that has not been touched in 3 years it's 8m high 30m long 5m wide. I have been using my 7m ladder with a step ladder cable tied to the top of it to make a cross and a echo long reach hedge trimmer. Only got half of it done it's been a long hard day. Spending the evening googling access platforms hire prices. Never again will I tackle a hedge of that size from ladders. When doing the top I kept thinking if I could lay ply boards across this it would be so much easier! Has anyone tried this tactic?
  4. Hi Rob I need another Stihl 10" carving bar and chain for my 2511 but can't find the option on your site. Only the sugihara and GB bars are available. Do you not stock the Stihl 10" carving bar anymore?
  5. Subbie Groundsman needed Beds

    Looking for a subbie groundsman in central Bedfordshire. If you have any free days including weekends give me a text. 07392113738
  6. CIS deductions

    Sorry that was my pockets input! Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  7. CIS deductions

    Bqq Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  8. Looking for Subbies Bedfordshire

  9. Looking for Subbies Bedfordshire

    Hi all looking for climbers or groundies to help me out in central Bedfordshire good rates of pay. Call or text on 07392113738 if interested.
  10. Time scale for fencing

    Thanks guys. That's reassured me for a couple of quotes I am doing.
  11. Time scale for fencing

    Sorry for adding to this old thread but I have a question for guys that do fencing. I have just started doing fencing as well as tree work. I price £150 per section of 6x6 panel 9'post and gravel board. Is this a fair price. I would appreciate any feed back.
  12. Hi all I need a regular tip site for wood chip in central Bedfordshire willing to pay to tip! Thanks
  13. What top handle saw?

    Echo 2511 if u need anything bigger then ur 550 will sit on a strop nicely.
  14. any ideas?

    Ivy or ivy
  15. Staff issues

    Pay well enough and you will attract the talent.


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