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  1. Volume of a cylinder = V=πr2h=π·0.752·3.6≈6.36173 So about 6.3m3
  2. After 6 years of training... ... I’m nearly ready for selling the chipper!
  3. Anyone care to take a stab in the dark as to how much it cost them to have the tree felled.... I’d say, oh maybe £400!!
  4. scottenduro

    Battery saw

    I’ve the Husqvarna 536Li battery saw with BLi200 batteries. One battery lasts about an hour, which crucially is longer than it takes to charge the second one! It did discharge quicker when used at near zero decrees C temperatures last winter. Do think ahead though as I chose that saw over the Stihl due to similar reviews of both saws... now looking for a hedge trimmer and looks like the Stihl comes out on top in every review, so if you want to use batteries in multiple devices check reviews of all tools first!!
  5. Guy filming it is: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001535585156
  6. No replacement was mentioned, so I asked the owner and he also said no. It wasn’t a specific TPO on one tree, it was an old country house with wooded grounds that now has 2 new streets built in the grounds. The whole area is covered by a TPO.
  7. A lot more when fully mature! They don’t look that old, so not yet ready for thinning let alone clear felling
  8. I was in a similar situation and went for a 450e (50cc) it was reduced to £400, that was 2011. Occasional weekend use, more frequently than you state, and still in great condition and starts first time every time. It did this last weekend
  9. Yeah it was dealt with by email photos Just not clear from any written info what can and can’t be done.
  10. Cheers@daltontrees nothing was too clear, other than it was best to ask than risk it! Tree Officer was aware it was down and has given the go ahead for it to be removed following discussions with the owner.
  11. Thanks... it is in Scotland. I’ve emailed the TO, awaiting a reply. Does ‘complicated’ mean the owner should apply anyway if only to officially inform them that the tree is down?
  12. Is a tree that blew down in recent storms in a TPO area still in need of an application for tree works before removal? Some roots still in ground so not exempt for being dead. Still completely within owners garden.
  13. Think SCA is the same as where the smoke is monitored. The whole of Edinburgh is, and it is shown on the council websites interactive map. Anything burned going through a chimney is affected.. even, as my mate discovered, a chiminea in the garden! The council officer told him best to just have a huge bonfire after the neighbours complained
  14. This video convinced me of the merits of a battery saw.. I went for the 536Li as it was on offer for £400 for saw, battery and charger. The BLi200 battery lasts nearly an hour and will easily do your 15 small cuts and single felling day. Battery life is less in cold temperatures, maybe 10-20% less. Hadn’t seen this video..


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