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  1. right now I can handle about 2 ton a week (limited space for unprocessed)
  2. chuck norris

    timbercombe mews

    I will pay cash for certain arb waste rates are as follows hardwood rings (8inch+) £30pt softwood rings (8inch+) £20pt hardwood or soft wood lenghts (6-8inch) £10pt APPOINTMENT ONLY if interested drop me a text 07388980159
  3. I will pay cash for certain arb waste, dumped in yard. rates are as follows hardwood rings (8inch+) £30pt softwood rings (8inch+) £20pt hardwood or soft wood lenghts (6-8inch) £10pt if interested drop me a text 07388980159
  4. Labour subbie available in cheltenham. I do NOT yet have my cs30/31 but will from November onward (though I have been running saws since I was 14) I have all my own ppe, steel boots, forestry helmet, chainsaw trousers, gloves and eye protection. my rates are £7.50ph min 3 hours Feel free to pm me or drop me a text for my available dates 07388980159
  5. Does anybody know where to buy, the double bar dogs for the 038? Something like these* Just not a Chinese import https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273122914952?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. Yes it is. back when I was in school (year 5) I got in trouble for printing it on a school computer
  7. not to far off mate http://www.thepoisongarden.co.uk/atoz/prunus_laurocerasus.htm
  8. It was a joke. But in retrospect, posting that probably got me on a watch list, since GCHQ is only a couple miles from my house . Also you really think just any bobby can arrest chuck norris?
  9. Nitroglycerine Pros: Can be made with kids chemistry set cheap 1 kg could level a building Cons: very unstable (direct sunlight can ignite) 100% ilegal How to make: 1-Cool 13 mL of nitric acid using the ice created by the refrigerator. 2-After it has cooled, add to 39mL sulfuric acid (99% h2so4), mixing very slowly. 4-Cool the new mixture to 10-15°C, which we can measure with the thermometer already “invented.” 5-Slowly add enough glycerin to cover the entire surface of the acid. 6-Keep the solution below 30°C. 7-Stir gently for ten minutes, then the nitroglycerin will form as a layer on top of the acid solution, while the sulfuric acid will absorb the excess water. 8-Filter out the nitroglycerin and place it in sodium bicarbonate, which will neutralize much of the acid remaining. This will help to stabilize it. 10-Now slowly and carefully remove the nitroglycerin from the bicarbonate.
  10. I have got one of those cheap Chinese imports laying around and I was wondering if anyone wanted it. I have no clue if it works and I don't really have time to test it. collection from Cheltenham , or I could post for about £20. If anybody wants it, I need to know by Wednesday.
  11. You can get away with a lot just by looking official, I guess people put a lot of trust I a uniform.
  12. Bit big for a handsaw, since it is bout 16' where it blocks the path.
  13. Yeah I know I could get away with it (just wear a hi vid and the dog walkers won't mind ), it was more a question of would I get into any trouble if I did get caught.
  14. Yes they are, but that doesn't change the fact that they don't do any work on any footpaths, outside of the town. Trees falling on paths and just being left blocking them, is very common in my area. the only reason I am considering moving this one is that I have been climbing over it every day for A month.
  15. I am not working it the woodland, it is just a path I use daily to walk my dog. I would guess the woodland is not managed, since it is on a slope, has multiple public foot path and has no timber of any value. So in this situation where the council/land owner clearly do not care to do anything, do you think it is acceptable to clear the tree from the path, since it is both a nuisance and a hazard?
  16. I know it is the council/land owners responsibility, but they don't seem to care. I want to clear it because I walk my dog on the path daily, and it is a real pain to get past/over it.I doubt it has been left intentionally since there is not a chance, of anyone getting a 4x4 up.
  17. What are the legalities of removing fallen trees, that are on a public footpath? I am not talking about taking them for firewood, instead just removing the tree from the path and leaving it in the woods. Any advice, would be much appreciated
  18. Good to have you back silky, hope you will be keep updating the thread.
  19. Good to have you back silky, hope you will be keep updating the thread.


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