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  1. We are a busy Arb Approved contractor working in the domestic and commercial sectors. Our regular clients include housing developers, pub & restaurant chains, factories and landscapers amongst others. We are currently looking to expand our teams to cope with our current workload and are seeking experienced and qualified climbing arborists. If you are a Climber/Team Leader with appropriate NPTC Chainsaw certificates we would like to hear from you. It would be very beneficial if you also have a CSCS card, although this can be arranged. If you are an experienced groundsman we would also like to hear from you. We would also prefer it if you could drive, we have 3.5t transits a 7.5t lorry and an 18t lorry + trailers, chippers etc, so if you have suitable licences (B+E, HGV) would be a distinct advantage. We are looking for a full-time employee but may consider part-time for the right candidate(s). Salary negotiable depending on experience. Part time staff will also be considered. Email Dan@wolvestrees.co.uk or call 01902 892652
  2. Hi there. We are based in Wolverhampton if you would travel that far but we do also work further afield, into your area so either call me 01902 892652 or email Dan@wolvestrees.co.uk and we can discuss
  3. Hi Simon. I've just looked and I have received it wo I will take a proper look tomorrow and get back to you.
  4. Thanks again. I'm not disputing what any of you have said but surely if he is paying his tax there shouldn't really be a problem because that's really what it comes down to. As long as he pays his and I pay mine then I cant see a problem. I have tried to figure it out from the gov website but I think the only way to be sure is to call them as I dont want to get into any trouble over it.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. So even though hes self employed but working 2 days a week for us means we may have to give him holiday and a pension? Ill try and find a thread on here and have a look at the gov website.
  6. Hi all. We have a guy who currently works with us 2 days a week on a self employed basis. Hes a really good guy with a fair amount of experience and we would like him to come full time. I approached him with an offer to get him 5 days a week which involved a wage plus straight away his HGV licence, his trailer licence and his rigging ticket. Then every year we spend X of money training him for the next 5 years which would probably leave him with Level 2 or 4 and PTI he would be pretty well established and experienced by then. He was over the moon with the offer and wants to come work here but he would rather come self employed because he knows where he stands financially and he does have a wife, kids mortgage and a dog!! So what i want to know is could i take him on self employed and pay part of the course fees but leave myself with some sort of security? Could i get him to sign something to say if he buggers off straight away (which he wont because he is genuinely a good guy) that he has to pay the fees back? Or would what he signs not be worth the paper it is written on? i dont want to complicate matters with him and i want it to be straight forward.We are both gambling with this little adventure but we will both benefit so theres no reason why he would screw me over but i just want that little bit of security. Anywhom any advice is appreciated!
  7. Hi Simon. You can call me on 07908 725582 or alternatively mail me at Dan@wolvestrees.co.uk. We may be able to work something out. Thanks
  8. Wolverhampton Tree Service are looking for a full or part time climber to join our already medium size and experienced team ASAP! All the relevant tickets are required and a driving licence and CSCS is much preferred. Fair rates of pay depending on experience. If you are an experienced groundsman with tickets, driving licence and CSCS we would consider taking you on. We mainly work within the West Midlands but we do occasionally work further a field. Our work ranges from small domestic jobs to site clearance, schools, pubs, parks, building sites, railways, canals, highways etc. Call 01902 892652 or email me at Dan@wolvestrees.co.uk.
  9. Hi there. Are you still lookimg for any work? If so or in the future Wolverhampton Tree Service based in South staffs may be able to offer you some.
  10. Is this CE marked? More to the point can I get this LOLEREd in the England?
  11. Give Wolverhampton trees service a call if you are still after work. 01902 892652
  12. Treedan


    Hi Callum. Give Wolverhampton tree service a call. We may be able to offer you a trial and see how things work out. 01902 892652
  13. I'm all for natural decompaction Khriss but the leaves of the tree and all of the seeds are left there every year so I cant see as wood chip will make that much difference to be honest.
  14. Hi all. We have been looking after this magnificent bundle beech for a number of years now but now i need some advice. Its an ancient tree with most of the usual features, decay pockets, cavities, split forks and so on. Over the years we have propped and braced limbs and done some light reduction work here and there. The tree is suffering from soil compaction around probably 40-50% of its rooting area underneath the canopy which is caused by foot traffic and the tree is now showing signs of dieback within the crown. Im not 100% sure the compaction is to blame for the dieback because of the age of the tree but its a good starting point. I have suggested de-compacting the soil and moving the target zone by fencing off the trees, trying to get something growing underneath to further dissuade pedestrians from walking underneath and to create new paths elsewhere for them to walk but hes taking a lot of convincing. Now i know im very limited to what reduction work i can do to this tree, BUT in your experiences would you leave the crown alone, give it a light reduction or prune it back hard and hope it responds? Bearing in mind i will probably not solve the compaction issue. I know what i would normally do but im looking for alternative views on this as my options are very limited here. Thanks for looking


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