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  1. Absolutely agree with you.. At least I didn't say the starters were any good.
  2. Exactly why I'm saying the carb needs proper cleaning. Did you leave any fuel in it from last season? As I'm not 100% sure what carb you have on there, posting a pic would help. I doubt it has a diaphragm though. Usually primer on one of these would just push air into the float bowl, and that induced pressure pushes a small amount of fuel up the main jet for starting. It's running far too lean which is why you have to keep priming until it warms up. Cold engine needs more fuel to run than a warm one.
  3. Carb just needs a proper cleaning is the problem. Give it a clean out and always use fresh fuel.
  4. STIHL do. MS-171 MS-181 to name two of them. They tear out if overtightened, or will unscrew with the nut. STIHL even do a oversized threaded stud to replace the ones that have ripped the thread out of the plastic engine housing.
  5. Pretty common fault on these, especially if the machines left on the back of a pickup truck and gets wet. the sleeves in the ends of the shoes rust and seize solid so the shoes won't move. Press them out and clean and lubricate them.. And bolt it back together. Word of warning, be carful removing the sleeves as it is possible to break the shoes etc if not supported properly.
  6. Probably a daft question, but are you sure it's actually leaking oil, and not just draining off the back of the chain cover after use? If it is leaking, it could be the breather valve behind the bar mount.
  7. lurkalot

    Old ms 180

    Or a genuine Chinese one from here, https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/switch-shaft-for-stihl-ms170.html
  8. Blocked exhaust perhaps. Check muffler and exhaust port.
  9. Yep they seem to have a big problem with those screws coming loose, and like you I've seen it many times. Also had the screws on the other end inside the fan housing come loose as well, though it's not as common.
  10. Wonder how it'll cope with a MS 200 with 6 inches of starter cord. That's how most pro's use them, isn't it?
  11. Yep, change the springs, assuming the shoes are ok, and spring holes haven't worn right through the side of the shoe. P/N 0000 997 5515 and while your there check and perhaps change the needle bearing, P/N 9512 933 2270 Chain catcher, P/N 1129 656 7701 Smoke, have you given it a good run since you got it, to get rid of residue oil from muffler. No telling what oil it's been run on, and what was set up for. Parts list, for reference, Stihl 020 Chainsaw (020T) Parts Diagram WWW.DIYSPAREPARTS.COM Select a page from the Stihl 020 Chainsaw (020T) exploaded view parts diagram to find and buy spares for this machine.
  12. I'll put money on it that it's not anything to do with the needle, or metering arm. I would say it'll be the pump diaphragm, hold it up to the light and you'll see a line of tiny holes down one side. The amount of people that clean replace / needles only to find it still fails the pressure test, then as a last resort junk the carb, when all it needs is a pump diaphragm which if it has a hole in it will give the exact same symptoms. Evident by putting your finger over the pulse hole at the front of carb when doing a pressure check. What happens here is the gassing fuel, changes in temperature etc cause pressure, this pushes fuel through the pulse hole very slowly filling the crankcase. = Fooked ergo starter.
  13. Thought it might be the reason, usually is. ;) What was the reason for fitting a new carb though? Trouble is, once that cushion spring has forced itself between the pulley parts, the groove for the brake spring enlarges, then you have a even bigger gap between those parts which causes it to fail even easier. You can try shimming it out with an extra washer, or bung a whole new starter assy on it.
  14. They really shouldn't fit such a crap starter system on these machines, it's so badly made. Apart from the fact it's badly made, loads of these fail due to a flooding carb. Usually after the machine has been standing for a few hours, and then giving it a tug, not realising the engine has a partial hydraulic lockup. If it spits fuel out of the exhaust after not being used for while you need to sort the carb out before going any further, because this will destroy those starters.
  15. lurkalot

    Bg86 blower

    I'll take a guess based on having seen this many times on this machine. Pump diaphragm. If you remove it and hold it up to the light you'll hopefully see a small line of holes in it. If that's the case, then just change that pump diaphragm and you'll be good to go.
  16. Mike, can you be a bit more specific. What make and model? I'm assuming you mean the con rods? What keeps rotating? Photo of said parts if possible.
  17. I see the Stihl name and the pretty colours got you. Nice job on your balls though,
  18. Strangely enough I just spotted another one. If only they'd followed the little diagram near the nose of the bar. Worx WG309 Electric 10-inch Replacement Chain Review GARDENLEY.COM They are making some quality chains in recent times. Worx WG309 Electric 10-inch Replacement Chain is one of the...
  19. They probably figured the customer would fit it that way around anyway. Chain will stay sharp at least.
  20. I was more referring to the "doing more harm letting them tick over" part to be honest. I mean it won't do any harm to warm them up at slow speed, and you should let them idle for a bit before turning them off as well. Actually, I wonder how many Stihl owners actually read the manual that come with it, and if they do read it, actually take any notice of what it says.
  21. Steve. Firstly thank you for allowing this discussion to take place. The software will be the next generation of SMF, so yes I could be classed as a update, although it's still at RC2 stage atm. And will still have the same TinyPortal addon which is our own open source project.
  22. Barrie, thanks for the shout out regarding TGMF, it's much appreciated. I actually put the forum up quite a while ago, but never really promoted or pushed it. At the moment it's pretty quiet and I've not added many features or addons. If it ever gets going I'll put some time into improving it, I know there's new software on the horizon, and that should be a vast improvement straight away.. Drop by and say hello, Ideas and suggestions always welcome .
  23. Where did this theory come from. What about the break-in period?
  24. That's the trouble with this Chinese stuff. If I had a £ for every Stihl coil I've changed, eh. Barrie, good to see you posting again, thought we'd scared you away.


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