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  1. I had a long row of Leylandii taken out, on advice here got stumps ground out. dug a 50m trench imported topsoil and planted new Cotoneaster Franchetti hedge. 2 years on its established well ... now want to start thinning out the next parallel row of Leylandii. I don’t want trees falling forwards onto new hedge, there is a long steep bank behind the Leylandii just want to end up with cuts being them there. Tried a few but due to tight planting they ‘hang’ or fall forward, even though notch cut to fall other way .... due to branches all intertwined with neighbours. Any tips on spear-cutting .... trees are up to 30’ ... but only 6-8” diam ... not something Zi can climb ... could use ladder I guess to spearcut off top section. This is not something that I want done in one go ... take out maybe every other one over next 2 months ...then same next year. Advice ?
  2. I’ll not take up that suggestion. 🙂
  3. Had a company in and removed around 50m run of Leyladii, stumps ground out ... and then significant job digging a new trench, importing soil and planting a Cotoneaster franchetii hedge - much more manageable than overgrown Leyandii. Now 2 yrs on, have a parallel 2nd row of Leylandii... I want to thin out, eventually all will go, once new hedge thickens up (it’s growing well) ..initially left in to provide cover while new hedge establishes. Have done chainsaw work before where it has been lopping branches or dropping medium size trees into an open fall area, or cutting logs for firewood. Want to thin out Leylandii ... take out roughly every 3rd one, and cut off 1/2 any which have diverged into 2 trunks. Been trying usual 3 cut approach, but they don’t fall in intended direction, typically the tops catch with adjacent tops and ends up hanging, or with a hinge effect and ultimately base pivots wrong way. These are not massively thick trees, 6 - 8” diameter ... approx 25’ - 30’ tall, but close packed as Leyladii usually are. They are on top of a steep bank, so want to just drop them down into bank ... no need to remove. What would be best approach .... should I use ladder or trestles to remove top 50% first ... too small a diam and too tightly packed for me to climb. Advice from Google seems to be spear-cut them, then cut remining trunk to ground. Any tips on how to make spear-cut fall where you want .... each I tried ... dropped as a spear to ground .. but then hang or fall away from the mass of Leyladii .. towards new hedge .... hence wondering if I need to cut in segments first. I know I could give it to professionals, but this is a slow bit by bit thinning out, that I want to DIY as and when I want.
  4. sargan

    Using a Winch

    For a pedestrian machine - how deep (below ground) will it remove stumps? and yes I am now going to give the whole job out - cut, remove & grind out. I'll just take care of replanting.
  5. sargan

    Using a Winch

    I cannot get a vehicle near there ... can't do it
  6. sargan

    Using a Winch

    As mentioned can't get a vehicle over my 4' wall up onto the bank ..not possible. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. sargan

    Using a Winch

    Stump grinding would be prefereable if price was right. OK .. I am in Swansea area S.Wales. So if anyone wants to quote me for this job please do get in touch. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. sargan

    Using a Winch

    Can't get car onto the bank .. no access. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. sargan

    Using a Winch

    I want to plant a new hedge ... due to amount of roots I would envisage trouble if I just planted the new plants in, and growth could be hindered. Wanted to be able to plant each in a new hole with good new compost medium around it. Most of the species I have considered require a spacing that is closer than the gap between each Leylandii. For example Coton Easter Franchetti or Griselina are recommended to be planted at 12" If you guys know better then please tell me. My goal is to get rid of Leylandii and plant a new hedge ... how I achieve it is up for discussion.
  10. sargan

    Using a Winch

    OK .. I'll give a bit more detail. The row of Leylandii is on a bank raised about 5' from ground level ... brick wall to front bank behind. The top of the bank is approximately flat for the staggered row of Leylandii, then it slopes off at about 30 degrees down to a field ... mature mixed species trees all along this 'slope'. No real option of getting a digger in. The guy I had look at it advised it was easy enough to get his walk along tracked stump grinder up onto bank using some ramps .. then no problem working along the bank. He advised tracked machine as in pic attached - can these be hired easy enough?
  11. sargan

    Using a Winch

    1hp ..... :-) No option to use horses where this hedge is.
  12. sargan

    Using a Winch

    Seems that consensus is 1600Kg is the size needed. ..
  13. sargan

    Using a Winch

    Can you hire a 25hp grinder ? ......... just tried Googling and most seem between 5 & 15Hp I'm guessing smaller would be slow and vibrate around a lot. Or anybody know if there is a forum member in S.Wales who does this hire (or work)
  14. sargan

    Using a Winch

    Anybody give me a guide as to what would be a fair price for getting these ground out
  15. sargan

    Using a Winch

    My 24yr son spends many Hrs a week in the Gym .... I need to encourage him to be involved :-) ... always doing something at his place.


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