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  1. UA1 and UA2 training required.

    Hi Lynher, when are you running your next UA course?
  2. The Wee Chipper Club

    Anyone had any experience with Rock Machinery's "Venom" 3.4inch chipper? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYQ7vasOhts
  3. Is the Arb directory still up and running and receiving traffic?
  4. Cutter Wanted in South Wales

    Still need someone John?
  5. Cordless Stihl v Makita v Other

    Makita cordless saws are well made and the batteries are interchangeable with their whole cordless range. They have adaptors so that 36v batteries can be made with 2 12v ones, which is ideal if you already have a few makita tools (if you don't, I can recommend them as being easily as good as DeWalt stuff). The only negatives to the Makita saws are the lower chainspeeds compared to the Stihl/Husq cordless stuff, but if you aren't requiring formula one cutting speeds then the much cheaper price (as you can buy unit only if you have the right batteries) then I'd go for the Makita.
  6. Hey guys, My leaving the military date is getting closer and closer, and along with it the responsibility of getting a real job! I'm 90% sure I want to go self-employed straight off the bat, ideally climbing but happy to do ground work also (the main reason for this is I plan on joining the Army reserve as an employment safety net). I've started sitting down and sorting through all the equipment I've purchased already so when April comes I'm in a good place regarding tax returns, I have a couple of questions. Other than equipment, what else can I offset against tax? Can training costs, books purchased, training accommodation be offset? What is the format of a tax return, I'm sorting purchases into machinery/PPE at the moment but would make sense to start filing things in the correct format. Thanks in advance, Wiley
  7. Chinese Chainsaw Complete Part Kits.

    Hmm, maybe I'll just stick to patching up my 038 rather than taking on a new project then!
  8. So what is an Arborist?

    Good article, I advertise myself as an Arborist, but purely because I aim to subcontract and not secure my own jobs.
  9. How are the veggies coming along?

    What are you growing in each bed Mick? Do you just rotate your crop clockwise each season or do certain plants have to follow others to keep the soil balanced? I have a small area of 2 year old sycamore and ash saplings that is going to get cleared to make way for vegetables and chickens! I might use the saplings to make some hurdles/fencing to keep it all neat and tidy.
  10. Chinese Chainsaw Complete Part Kits.

    Spud, are there any aftermarket brands you can recommend for decent parts? Namely cranks and flywheels!
  11. No ones posting.

    Also it's pretty ironic that a "no-one's posting thread" is probably the most active thread on here in a while!
  12. No ones posting.

    Love the new layout, I used to just come here and monitor the forum but now the blogs/articles are more apparent I'm using it as a valuable resource.
  13. Hi, I am looking for some Arb/Forestry work experience in West Wales over August. Available for work from 7th-25th August, I am happy to work on a voluntary basis for a short period. Level 3 diploma F&A, CS30, 31, 38, 39, basic tree inspection, B+E, stumpgrinder and chipper. Own PPE and saws. All I ask for in return for cheap/free labour is a short reference as I will be starting full-time Arb work in November. Please PM me or email mwarbor@gmail.com Thank you, Mark Wileman
  14. We're back!!!

    First comment!
  15. Chinese Chainsaw Complete Part Kits.

    Yeah, the aim of this definitely wouldnt to be getting £500 off a 661 RRP, think of it as advanced an advanced airfix project! I might look into seeing if they do similiar for a smaller saw, same principle without the price tag. Then again I did just watch a video of some American guy who has 3 of them, and they seem to run better than well, it's obvious he isn't pushing them though: How's your friend getting on with it?


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