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  1. Bit of fun

    Ha took me a couple of moments to see the comment and realise this wasn't actually done with a chainsaw Looks really impressive, nice work! I'm tempted to give something similar a go myself as it would drive our cat crackers! __________________ Garden Care Services – Gardeners in Bromley
  2. A friend of mine has been working on turning some dried firewood into lamps using pyrography, pattern printing paper, a lamp kit and a touch of varnish - a great end result! This got me thinking, what other household items have you seen made out of firewood?
  3. New cut and collect ride on mower?

    Agreed, take a look at a second hand Kubota, I just had a look at autotrader, they have nice collection of these at some pretty reasonable prices
  4. Camelia in flower.

    What a beauty, so much colour packed in!
  5. Great video, perfect for what you need it for. Such a well placed shot at the end with the tree falling towards the camera! Did you measure out how far it was going to fall or was that just a lucky guess?

    <p>Hi all,</p>

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    <p>Welcome to my ArbTalk profile, I'm here to meet and talk with other gardeners across the UK.</p>

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    <p>I run a gardening business out in Bromley, Kent called <a href="http://gardencareservices.co.uk/" rel="external nofollow">Garden Care Services</a>.</p>

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    <p>Looking forward to connecting with other green thumbs!</p>



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