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  1. Great I'll have a look into thos thank you
  2. Hi there I'm based Between banbury and warwick but I travel about up to Darbishire reseeding solar farms and quarries so the forwarder will be moveable to Thanks for the comment it looks good with the led light bars fitted now!
  3. Thank you for the comments I wanted it to do a job and not look like it it was made in my workshop. Though it is handy to have a full machine shop, I'm ag enginer and my dad is a Miller turned by trade( he designed and makes the panel master fencing panel machines) The next one I would like to build would be hydrostatic drive and a newer type cab The Riko crane does seem to be about right but I'm going to get prices from farms too
  4. Hi mine is based on a Volvo bv202, powered by a Nissan sd33 non turbo manual box and a ford digger cab with a John Deere 6920 bonnet! The back end is driver by the rear prop shaft it's taken a bit of doing!
  5. Is that a bv206 base unit ? It looks the ticket! I've been looking at the Riko 3.8m crane with a possible 1m extension any thoughts?
  6. I think a good quality super universal oil is the best that's what I've used in my brothers There may also be a rate of drop adjustment on the arms but I'm not sure and I can't remember where the breather is sorry not much help
  7. Hi there a new gator should do the trick but do check the gearbox breather isn't blocked!
  8. Hi there thanks to everyone for there input. Hopefully the photos will appear for you all to have a look at! I still haven't finished her yet but she goes well and the foot print is so minimal. I'm looking forward to getting the crane sorted and get it working Any pointers or advice much appreciated! (The bonnet has not yet been painted and the rear tub has not been started on yet)
  9. I'll get some photos tomorrow at the workshop
  10. Hi all I've finally logged in!! I'm just finishing building my small tracked forwarder and was wandering what was the best crane to mount on the machine the carrying capacity is about 2-4 ton (not to sure yet) and trying to find a crane around the 500kg mark with the best reach. I'm not sure what to go for any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks James


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