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  1. You'll find many tree surgeons happy to tip at allotments for free. You could have a look for local companies near you and give them a shout. Have another go at that link Steve posted, you can add your allotment to a list of tip sites. Tree companies then find sites like yours local to them.
  2. A slightly more eco friendly option is soapy water. It apparently blocks their respiratory system and kills them almost instantly. It's worth a google for ratio and best type of soap etc.
  3. I agree with Dbikeguy. Preparing the brash pile before chipping is key really. Once you find the rhythm it's a little beast.
  4. A Google image search would suggest that to be a solid diagnosis. Thank you!
  5. A friend has sent me these pics of their young Cherry tree. Any ideas as to the cause?
  6. That is brilliant [emoji23]
  7. Yeah I totally get this but sometimes I find it feels safer using the silky on a small back-leaning branch which needs a bit of a push with the other hand or a top which feels a bit sketchy due to slightly odd work position. Sometimes on small reductions I fancy a bit of peace and quiet and leave the saw on the ground.
  8. I've tried the Tsurugi and the Zubat but keep coming back to the Gomtaro. Maybe because it's the first one I ever used but it just feels right in the cut. Also straight hinges... The Zubat does have its place being more aggressive etc. I've tried hanging on my belt and I've tried a sawpod but have taken to attaching the silky clip via a small carabiner to a gear loop on my harness. I seem to be able to find the scabbard with the saw easier without looking for some reason.
  9. My money's on oak. Give it a sniff! Hard to mistake the smell of oak.
  10. Bit of a head scratcher. The cut face would suggest Alder but the bark does look like ailanthus. The spoon looks great though!
  11. A friend sent me this the other day. Does anyone know when or where it was taken? Would love to know more about what gear they were using!
  12. Have a look at climbing arborist on YouTube for some basic knots and techniques. Low and slow is the way to go until you're able to get some proper training.
  13. Buy separate for sure. If there's somewhere you can try on some harnesses then do that for sure. Don't worry about srt. Learn your basic knots and stick with ddrt for now.


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