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  1. I'm looking at doing that ABC level 2 I was also thinking of tge diploma in arboriculture course .
  2. Not Rototech...just the bar and chain the saw came with ...it's only been used a slack handful of times
  3. Ian young 41


    Just after some advice.....my echo 620 seems to be pulling to the left when I'm. Cross cutting I've re sharpened it concentrating more on the right side cutting teeth got them nigh on all the same length but it's still pulling checked the bar seems OK.....any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers .
  4. I'm thinking of doing this course...any tips or advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  5. In the Northumberland area .
  6. Had it about year only used for cs 30 31 32 courses genuine reason for sale ...15 inch bar chsin done hardly anything . Looking for £350 . Pm me for anymore details. Cheers .Ian.
  7. People driving around with a headlight bulb out....so stick it on main beam so one side blinds everyone and the other is like a candle .....
  8. Would you say it's more for really big trees Steve ???...like I say we never really went into it in depth .
  9. I've just done my climbing course a couple of months ago and in all honesty it only touched on srt...but listening to people on here it seems to be the way ahead .it summit I'd really like to learn more about and practice if given the chance .
  10. I'm in the same position...got a few tickets and doing 40 41 next month and after a while got my first days proper work ...at the end of the day every single person has started at the bottom and worked up ...so long as your confident but not cocky and willing to learn and take on board what your being told then go for it ....
  11. Ian young 41


    I can't get on the app ...had to go on website not sure if it's just me ???.
  12. Appreciate the advice ...thank you....I'm making calls to firms about getting experience like I say I realise that I need to learn a lot...wouldn't dream of doing anything to big .
  13. Walking in the cheviots tomortow so won't see it
  14. Doing 40/41 next month hoping to get van or pick up when money allows


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