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  1. Hi Madstockbro, Yes that was me I run the Tree Surgeons Mastermind mentoring group. Here some information about it and a zoom session that I am holding on Tuesday. What is the Tree Surgery Mastermind? My Tree Surgery Mastermind brings tree surgery business owners together in order to share their experience, knowledge and advice for the mutual benefit of the group. It is suitable for both the owners new tree surgery businesses and of businesses who have been established for a long time. New technology and techniques frequently emerge and the focus of the industry is increasingly geared at making our industry safer for our people as well as sustainable for the environment. The reason that the format works for new and established businesses is that Tree Surgery and the wider business world is constantly evolving. As such nobody ever truly knows it all! Whether you are a start up looking to grow, an established business scaling to the next level or are a tree surgery business owner considering their exit strategy, the Tree Surgery Mastermind can help. To find out more join our next free, ‘try before you buy’ session on Tuesday 9th August at 19:00. https://keap.app/contact-us/3015042751544218 If you don’t think it’s the format for you, no problem. You are under no obligation to join and I wish you every success in your business. If you enjoy what you see and can appreciate the value being part of a supportive mastermind group would deliver for your business, I’ll share details of how you can join. Regards Henri Ghijben 07547551498
  2. 3 Spaces left for Thursdays event. Register here. https://keap.app/contact-us/3015042751544218
  3. It's a fair comment. My first mentor wasn't from an arb back ground and he was good but there were plenty of challenges using his marketing techniques and various other things in the arb industry. As you know this industry is like no other and brings so many challenges hence why I have gone Arb specific on the Mastermind. It may not be for everyone that's why I am letting people try it before they commit.
  4. Hi Doobin, I am sorry that you feel that much dislike in me and my services. I am not asking anyone to sign up for anything in a forceful way or trying to be a "snake oil salesman". I am offering a service to the industry just like a HR, H&S and other consultants. I do give a lot of free advice and will continue to do so. To facilitate a mastermind mentoring group it takes time and money so that is a charged service. I do not need to spend time in my tree surgery business now as I have a management team who run it for me and my wife Sarah. If you phone the office and speak to the team they will explain the set up. So I now have time to be able to assist others. I am glad you have a free mentor I have not been that fortunate all of my mentors are paid for and I value their experience and have walked the path I follow. I enjoy helping other people hence why I am doing this and not deep in my other businesses. As for my Tree Surgery Business you can look it up on companies house and check the accounts and see the turnover and profit I am not hiding anything you will also see that my wife Sarah Ghijben is the director. I hope this helps you understand me more now and I wish you all the best Doobin
  5. If that helps then yes I can provide a black chair!
  6. What happens when you’re ‘the boss’ and you don’t have all the answers when it comes to running your tree surgery business? If you’re a member of my Tree Surgery Mastermind, the answer is you draw on the knowledge and experience of a peer group who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Our members benefit from regular peer group mastermind sessions to explore challenges and share ideas to test solutions that they can implement in their own businesses. 👉 How can you know if the mastermind will be right for you? On Thursday 30th of June, I am running a free mastermind zoom session. Spaces are limited to just 10 business owners and it’s book on a first come, first served basis. To secure your space, click the link below https://keap.app/contact-us/3015042751544218 👉 During the session everyone has the opportunity to share a challenge they are facing in their business. You’ll be able to experience first hand the huge benefits of business mastermind mentoring. At the end you will have the opportunity to apply to join the full mastermind programme. However, if you didn’t enjoy the taster session or don’t think mastermind mentoring is right for you, there’s no obligation to join.
  7. Webinar tonight at 7.30PM Click the link to book; https://event.webinarjam.com/register/9/p51qpco
  8. Tree Surgeons Business Mastermind In January I launched the first ever tree surgery business mastermind mentoring program. We currently have 6 tree surgery business owners on the mastermind who are gaining great value from the mentoring and support. I am running a free mastermind zoom session on Thursday evening at 7.30pm if you want to join, please fill in your details below to confirm your spot there is a maximum of 10 places so it is first come first serve. https://keap.app/contact-us/3015042751544218 On the zoom call we will go round the room and each person will have the opportunity to work through a current challenge that you have and experience the mastermind mentoring format. I will also give you details on how you can apply to join the mastermind and all the logistics of the program.
  9. Hi Stere, I have a Youtube channel and podcast that you can listen/view and I talk about all the things in the webinar on there feel free to talk a look. Marketing is part of every business it is one of the 4 pillars I talk about. If you believe in the service you provide then you have to tell the world. Hope this helps all the best Stere. Fail Forward PODFOLLOW.COM Failure is only negative if you don’t learn from it Fail Forward is the weekly podcast hosted by entrepreneur and family...
  10. Hi Doobin, Its great you have a free mentor I used to have my father but he is very old now and retired I now have invested a significant amount into a new mentor who has walked the path that I am aiming for. As for failure if I do I will get back up again, learn, adapt and improve. Failure is only a negative if you do not learn from it and give up. Failure = Learning. Yes I will always do webinars/podcasts and talk about my failures and mistakes I am comfortable with vulnerability and hope in doing so will help more people feel like they can open up and talk about issues. Suicide is at an all time high in this country for many reasons and I believe one of them to be the fact that we find it difficult to open up and talk. I appreciate your feedback Doobin all the best.
  11. Hi Dan, Thank you for your reply I can see how that looks and its not my intention. I am trying to give free value and not just rubbish information actual things that can be used in Arb businesses. Then people can get to know me other than just through social media posts and at the end I give people information on how I can assist them through the mastermind and mentoring but there is no sales pitch or hard sell at all. It has to be right for that person/company as I genuinely want to help people and there's no point me hard selling and then having unsatisfied clients the industry is small and everybody knows each other I wouldn't have a business. My tree surgery business has been built on its reputation and I plan to the same with the training and mentoring business. Also part of that business we have a vision statement, mission statement and values it's part of the company culture and its the same with the mentoring business. Having a good company culture helps on so many levels through the business and thats not just for client facing. In future I will add the information about the mastermind in the text for the webinar I appreciate your feedback Dan all the best.
  12. I am holding another free webinar on the 23rd of May. My mission is to help tree surgery business owners create a profitable and scalable business using FOUR key pillars as the solid foundation. Join my free webinar on Monday 23rd May at 19:30 and discover: 💡 The key lessons I learned from my 18 years experience in the industry 🌳 How I’ve built tree surgery business from scratch twice 💪 FOUR vital pillars you can start using immediately that will help you create a robust business 🤔 Q&A session to answer questions you may have 4 Pillars of a sustainable business tree surgery business EVENT.WEBINARJAM.COM I am running a free webinar/talk about my business failure and what I have learnt from it and starting again growing a...
  13. Hi J, I am doing another one on the 23rd of May here is the link to register. 4 Pillars of a sustainable business tree surgery business EVENT.WEBINARJAM.COM I am running a free webinar/talk about my business failure and what I have learnt from it and starting again growing a...


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