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    Tip site requirements

    Looking at opening up as a tip site and looking for advice. what Licences etc do you need and anything else to be aware of? Majority will be used as bedding through the winter then put into the slurry lagoon. Access etc is great and can easily take arctic wagons so that side is all good.
  2. I switched to Aspen 2 weeks ago and had no issues! great stuff and i feel better at the end of a day if I've been flat out on the saw!
  3. GazN

    MS 500i

    Love it! It's my go to saw now
  4. We use a 12 ton digger too.
  5. So after all the hype, how are people getting on with the 500i (if you've gone and got one)? I've had min for a week now and I am super impressed and could easily throw it around all day without fatigue with some brilliant power. I would say that whilst people have compared it to the 661, it's not as powerful and for me won't replace it but instead compliment it.
  6. Got mine on Friday, cut a load of oak on Saturday and so far I'm very impressed! light and fast
  7. yeah only issue I had was the buzzer is quieter when indicating but everything else worked a treat
  8. Ask your insurance company if you're insured should something go wrong. the answer will be no so it's then your decision if you want to carry on without insurance.
  9. got mine last night, will fit tonight ready for tomorrow. don't think we should be talking about it though as you've signed an NDA
  10. GazN

    Macallister bnq

    better new buy! and with a nice new chain. get the easy sharpening tool that Steve suggested if you're not sure what your doing but don't press down to hard when using it or the guide bars flex and you take to much off the depth gauges again.
  11. Not sure it's that deep, I searched around and it's just something they do, even from new. Only way to fix I think is to buy another brand
  12. Mine leaks and from what I've read on them it's what they do! Hopefully someone has an answer
  13. I've recently moved to a Protos, yes expensive but internal defenders are great! Every helmet I've tried is stupid hot but then you're working flat out right so your going to get hot.
  14. £120 for groundie which is £15 based on 8 hours but some days are longer and some shorter it balances out I find. If you're going to put him through climbing certs etc then you need to update contracts so that he pays you back a % if he leaves within a period of time, yr 1 80%, yr 2 50% yr 3 20%. then for pay increase i'd give a small rise now and set out a increase rate for the next 3 years as he gains experience up the tree. gives him something to aim for and a reason not to leave.
  15. I remember the pain on my training course! I did a lot of foot locking especially when I couldn't get my feet on the tree. Is your Prussik gripping to much making it harder to move in a nice swift motion? Keep at it. knock one out in the morning as a warm up 😛
  16. GazN

    Carb removal MS 271

    part rant part request for help... I need to clean the carb on my 271 but once I get to it I seem to need a long 8mm (I think) socket to remove the 2 nuts on the back of it. anything over 7mm wont go down the hole, I'm about ready to grind one of my 8mm sockets down to fit in the hole... Am i right or am I missing a trick? Also is it 8mm before I start grinding?
  17. I burn it all! If it's dry and wood it burns. I'd never sell Leylandii but I keep it for myself and it's fine! heats the house and hot water, just need to feed the fire a bit more often.
  18. I use a HW100 and love it, I impressed my dad the other day with a crow head shot from 45 yards! day after I had 2 Magpies the same, PCP is great, shot the first and the second come to see what was wrong... he found out the hard way
  19. Can't go into detail but just heard in work of a claim one of the groundies has put in whilst carrying out his work. It annoyed me so much I was wondering what's the worst excuse to claim against a business you've had/heard of?
  20. I think it's all a bit crazy, great idea in someways but 1 rule with such things can't cover all, I live in the middle of nowhere, I have an oil boiler that kicksin if my wood burner (Rayburn) isn't doing enough, the Rayburn, heats my house, cooks my dinner and give hot water for us off a few logs and saves me a fortune in oil. the process of refining oil, delivering it to me etc also has an impact to pollution. I could go on but can't be bothered..
  21. Had laser eye surgery about 5 years ago, best thing ever!
  22. Not sure who but surely their is a local authority/body you can get to review it and confirm suggested action for you which takes the issue off your shoulders. maybe start with local council.
  23. GazN


    I can see it working in some areas but for me in N Wales, as the crow flies I'm not far away from Liverpool so they sent me loads of notices there, not worth the travel to trim a small hedge.


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