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  1. 10/30 mineral or semi synth in every bit of machinery I've got
  2. Have you tried forest and arb? Always good for echo gear for me
  3. Got the rock machinery grinder. Works well. Teeth are ok. Can be resharpened quite afew times but are £85 a set. Bits do fall of it occasionally but easy fixed. Had to replace a clutch and bearings totalling £150 in a year of hard graft. Briggs engine should last id have thought.
  4. Got a Ryobi impact driver, drill, grinder, and impact wrench. All take the same batteries and you can get cheap batteries off eBay for them. The impact driver is 8 plus years old has been absolutely hammered and has been faultless.
  5. Lovely to use but I've had all the issues listed above. Drive cog wearing, gears throw the grease off dead quick and get noisy. Couldn't go back to petrol for fine work though. Not worth fixing when they break, £150 to fix or £280 for a new one.
  6. Bars are crap, chains are usually ok but the odd cutter is so hard it's unsharpenable. Like file won't tough it get it on the bench grinder hard.
  7. 100 percent mate. Never managed to use more than 2, 5l cans in a day. That's with it running non stop.
  8. The 18hp Briggs and stratton on our cs100 uses closer to 1.5/2l hour. Will fill a truck in acouple hours.
  9. What sort of age is your machine? I take it they’re going to fix it.
  10. Ours had the same problem. The drum had split along a weld and was opening up at high revs. Props to greenmech we dropped it off at the dealer and they sorted it pretty sharpish, fitted new bearings aswell, I guess incase they had been damaged.
  11. Sorry mines currently 300 Fahrenheit so about 150 Celsius
  12. If it's a single wall pipe all the flue gasses will be condensing on the inside of the pipe. Have you got the fire going well or just smouldering?
  13. Are you sure the readers working right? 35 deg is really cold for a flue pipe. I've got a flue thermometer on mine that usually reads between 200-500deg
  14. We could use this occasionally. Would only likely be once a year or so. Often in your yard.
  15. I'm pulling a hedge out with a winch in a week or so, don't know how far away you are though.


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