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  1. Definitely not a force majeure situation - that’s typically earthquakes, wars etc. If you can’t service a £38k pa job that suggests to me that it can’t be profitable enough or other work has been taken on which is easier/more profitable.
  2. What else do you do? If you’re in business I’d suggest at the very least you need public liability insurance.
  3. Couple of pics from yesterday of the original hole plus another one a few yards away. It looks like the spoil has gone behind and to the sides, so going by your description above it is probably a badger
  4. Came across this wasps nest the other day that looked like it had been dug out by an animal. The grass around it had been well flattened over a considerable area. I’m guessing badger, although I’ve never seen evidence of a sett on my land.
  5. A lot depends on what you are going to be using them for - serious hill walking or just country rambles - how often, and in what conditions. And also your budget - I wouldn't suggest scrimping on something that you may be spending many hours in day after day. I agree with what DuncanH says above - make sure you try before you buy, wearing the type of socks you would wear while walking and also try them on an incline (decent shops have a ramp for this) to make sure your foot isn't sliding around inside (=blisters). Once you've tried on and found the perfect fit, don't forget to go online and find the best price On brands, I've got a couple(winter/summer) of pairs of Scarpa which I love - Beghaus, Meindl, Mammut, Grisport, La Sportiva will all do a good job for you if they give you the fit you need. And avoid Karrimor or anything else you can get at Sports Direct!
  6. They look healthy enough, what makes you think they are "unsafe"?
  7. Gelster

    ID please

    Pic of the underside
  8. Gelster

    ID please

    True Where did I say I'd eaten any?
  9. Gelster

    ID please

    There was enough for a couple of meals! I'll try to get a pic next weekend.
  10. Gelster

    ID please

    Anyone know what this is? And whether it is edible? Approx 3 inches tall, 1 inch diameter, growing near willow & alder.
  11. Is there an actual company name (XXXX Limited) or registration number on the email? Have they got a website?
  12. Gelster


    Thanks all Not an option with my home insurance unfortunately. That policy looks competitive, although only starts annually in July. Fair points - no injuries/claims I know of, but I'm more concerned about damage to the neighbouring properties to be honest and having the peace of mind. The local council's Tree Officer is an old mate so I'm going to get him to do an assessment and give me an idea of what I need to look out for, maybe draw up a plan for me to follow. Thanks, that's a useful read. Can't see any insurance with them on their website but will dig a little deeper.
  13. Gelster


    I have a small piece of woodland (approx 8 acres) which has been in the family since the 1930s (from when a local estate was broken up). We've never really done anything with the land but I'm now trying to push back the advancing tide of rhododendron and keep a few mates supplied with firewood. As the land borders a main road on one edge and houses on another, I'm becoming slightly concerned about liability in the event of any trees falling and causing damage. There doesn't seem to be much access to the land by members of the public, but presumably that could also carry a small risk if they were injured while trespassing. Are there any insurance companies that offer policies for this sort of thing at a reasonable cost? Or is it normal just to save the expense and hope for the best?


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