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  1. What's the mod eddy? Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  2. Found a great one. UK Map Yes it's not free but less than a tenner. Loads with 1:50,000 as standard. Downloadable 1:25,000 and 1:10,000. All OS maps. Accurate GPS locator no phone signal required (just as well, 3 is shite) recordable searches, post code finder too. Just if anyone is interested. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  3. Work in Scotland? Am local to Glasgow Area but can travel. Own transport, kit- saw, fuel, PPE, CS30 & 31 NPTC, EFAW + F, med kit, IRATA qual, harness and rigging. Licensed to C+E. Ex forces 9yrs (left in June 15), self reliant, organised, honest, robust and able to tolerate hard graft. Thinning, clearing, brashing, ground works, track cutting. mobile - 07460430444 email - drossi1212@hotmail.com Danny Cheers
  4. Cheers guys. Just like to cover all bases
  5. Guys this has probably been done to death. I'm looking for a decent mapping service that will link me into the GPS giving a 10 or 12 figure grid reference when I'm out of signal on my iphone. im thinking in emergency situation here. Something that gives straight OS co ordinates instead of wgs 84. What's out there lads Cheers
  6. I've done a few stoves in the past and this is really just a grander scale with an additional few bits. The difficult bit is getting enough flow and heat into it to support a secondary burn. Not impossible but **** me it's hard with a forced air system, fan/hair drier etc. The the raise in air pressure And heat in combustion at primary and secondary, the increase in volumetric efficiency pressure also increases. Just like an engine more fuel air etc more exhaust. Like an egr. But this ****** burns hotter. Not really something that should be tried domestically, EFW sites require additional fuels/additives to get a decent burn on the go and the cokes up badly. What's wrong with a standard log burner? But if you want a rocket stove then consider changing it slightly and use oil, then **** me you'll have a stove and a half. Even without a forced induction it burns hot and pretty much clean. Add a blower to it and you'll be glowing a cast in no time.
  7. Peanut butter in a barrel that they can't get out of, Give a day or so. You'll have a **** load of them. Or poison the butter.......... your hoice
  8. There a company in Dalry Ayrshire that's does a lot of horse logging.
  9. I'm a tight jam, old fashioned WD40, furniture polish (not for anything you actully touch e.g. Steering wheel) silicon grease. If you're panicking about the rubber degradation....don't. The winter salts, grime grit, temperature, emissions etc etc will destroy rubbers quicker than a temperory smudge to stop sticking.

    <p>Hi Just kicked a request over. Couple of posts you've commemnted on have sparked my interest. Needed a quick way to find the posts / threads again in the future. Nothing sinister lol hope you don't mind. </p>



  11. Cheers. Waiting to be added to the group and I'll find the post.
  12. My first aid ticket is about to run out in Feb. Does anyone know where / who's good for a 1 day or 3 day EFAW+F or FAW+F course. Preferably within commuting distance of Glasgow. Have found a dedicated first aid training company first-2-aid-u.com £70 and £210 respectively. Does anyone have any experience with them? Price seems good to me. Any suggestions?? Looking doing the course (either 1 or 3 days) with the mrs, so would be a dual booking. Cheers

    <p>Cheers Steve. Defo something to think about, I'll hold off just now but keep you in mind if I decide to go head. </p>

    <p> </p>




    <p>Typically two weeks and just remember, if I modify your saw, you will invalidate your warranty if it is within the warranty period!</p>




  15. 👍🏻 cheers happy days guys


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