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  1. Lampy

    Forestry Winching Training

    Perfect. Thank you.
  2. Could anyone please direct me to some useful reading on winching techniques and training. I'm looking to purchase a slightly older double drum winch to extract wind blows from around the estate which came down during the winter for chipping my own biomass. (Valtra with Jake and crane, Heizohack, forwarding trailer). I have a pretty good idea of where its at for my low output needs but would like a little theoretical night time reading. Thanks in advance
  3. Mud tyres yes. But most useful is tyre pressure. Drop to 12-15psi with mud tyres and you can drive on any grass without breaking he skin. Gentle on throttle though.
  4. Bank it into your personal account which incurs no fees. Than transfer across to you business account.
  5. G'day All I'm looking to replace my stolen saws. If I was to purchases MS 661 with 36" bar and a MS 261 with 18" bar which saw would you slot in between to run hard with a 20" bar. MS 362 or MS 441 or MS 462. I'm leaning towards 462 for hp to kg. Any thoughts appreciated.
  6. G'day all I have just had 4 out of my 5 saws plus a hedge trimmer stolen from my shed while I worked near by. I have lost a ms650. ms290, Husky 55 and a Husky 42 Special. I was using my 550xp at he time so that remained safe. For insurance purposed can anyone recommend a modern replacement for the 42 and 55 in either Husky or Stihl brands. Cheers
  7. Thanks for that. Have you had any experience splitting oversize cordwood rather than just rings. They look brutally efficient on rings but there seems very little info on people using them on cordwood. It feels to me it would work. All operations from tractor so none of the risks to hands and fingers. If I go ahead I will look hard at hycrack. Thanks
  8. G'day All I am chasing anyone thoughts on using a horizontal pto linkage splitter for reducing oversize cordwood to processor size. Something similar to this with the yellow plate removed. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tractor-Log-Splitter-Powered-Screw-Type-From-PTO-Fits-Tractor-Kat-1-Kat-2/122386508545?hash=item1c7ecdeb01:g:FVsAAOSw4Yxamsh9:rk:11:pf:0 I have a Jake mounted forestry crane on a Valtra 8100. With the splitter mounted on the linkage could you reverse up to oversize cordwood, set height with linkage, adjust log with crane and split? You wouldn't have the ability to reverse the cone though and maybe the tip would be susceptible to snapping. Alternatively could I remove grab from forestry crane (patu 655) and mount cone to rotator. Therefore use crane in the same style as a digger with cone splitter. This may be asking to much of the rotator? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. G'day All Sorry for slight highjack. Has anyone tried these winch bumpers? http://xs4x4.parts/winch-bumper-and-cradles-335-c.asp Not many good options for pickups besides these that I've found. Look good,not cheap though.
  10. G'day I'm in the market for a smallish alpine tractor preferably with a loader. Needs to be able to run a small flail collector so 30Hp would be perfect. If anyone has anything suitable I might be interested. Feel free to reply here, pm or ph 07891460791 Cheers
  11. Bump Anyone else got any photos of their lever setup. I'm also interested in this. Cheers Lampy


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