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  1. Looking at taking firewood more serious this year. Attached are photos of the wood we bring in from our farm, contracting jobs etc. It is all shapes and sizes. Hard & soft. There can be some huge trunks (which I understand needs a cone on an excavator which isnt a problem for us) however most of these processors are around 30-40cm straight. Lots of ours is not straight and has knots etc. Then there is lots of small stuff (branches). This is our current set up which is good but is too slow and costly in labour. Hydraulic manual log splitter. The plan is for just us to process the wood as paying someone takes away any profit. Another issue is the bark dust - does using a tumbler keep the boys so much cleaner for the customer so essential? We've got Excavators with grapples, telehandler, loading shovels etc Thoughts?
  2. chasingmytail

    Identification please

    Got some lengths in the back of the shed from 2 yrs ago. But cant remember what we cut down. My concern it has a mass of fibrous coir around it and doesnt look great. We use most of it for ourselves. Can someone guess at what it could be and whether I can ditch it if its not a good wood. We do tend to chip most rubbish but this could be good? If someone can guess then I can check with some books/net. Thanks
  3. Hello Maybe a tall order - we work a lot for a utility company and some private work. Tractor & trailer experience essential. CSCS card. If poss 360 and excavator/plant tickets very beneficial. But over all attention to detail and confidence in H&S with machinery and treat tools and machinery with respect. Happy to get on the shovel and work. We do all sorts here from clearance, excavations, footings, hedgecutting, clearing out ditches, concrete mixing, fabrication....endless really. Depending on experience may be full time work or adhoc self employed. We are open to discuss. Clean driving licence. Expecting to be fit and healthy with no nasty hidden demons (sorry had a few nasty surprises in the past we will test) Please note we do not climb majority of our work is at ground level so please dont message me that yr looking for climbing work. We are based North of Newport. All work will be from base here. We have all equipment. Mon - Friday around 8 - 5 Cheers
  4. chasingmytail


    Starting 24th NOV Looking for a groundie chainsaw op or someone with chipper experience to do a min of a weeks work for a project at ground level in Llanishen Cardiff. Self employed, working efficiently and methodically. Future works available as we do a lot for utility companies. Rates dependant on experience and quals. Only at ground level and more saplings than trees. Lots of chipping. Contact Ceri info@ccmorganandson.com


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