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  1. Thanks for the offer Wes, but im going to be making a setup with a distel hitch or prussik w/micro pulley.
  2. Hi all Recently passed my CS38, starting to gather the gear now as I'm eager to get back up the trees (hired it for the course). I've reached the point on my shopping list where I have to consider my lanyard options. When on the course I was given a rope grab, I think that is what its called, the ones that lock with the cam action. It was okay, but I didn't like when my instructor told me to put all my weight on my lanyard during an abseil through a union parallel to the floor (he said to do that so the prussik wouldn't get jammed in the union if it had weight on it) that in order to loosen the cam, I had to pull my whole weight off the lanyard, feed some rope through and then drop down again, It seemed inefficient and was hard to deal with when out of reach of a branch. What other options are there apart form these rope grabs, there're not the cheapest things in the world for me and I don't want to fork out too much for something I considered to have a flaw. Any suggestions? Just a side note when I told my assessor, he said I should not have been hanging off the D rings anyway because that's not what they're for. This was the only occasion I was fully supported by them on the course, other times I would be stood on something. Nevertheless I assumed them to be life support and just as strong as my central attachment point. I was given a petzl sequoia if that makes a difference. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the quick response, that fills me in on just about everything, thanks again. I would be more than happy to pay postage and extra for that gear you mentioned, I'd feel bad just taking it off your hands for nothing.
  4. Hi all, I have been qualified in crosscutting, maintenance and small tree felling for a good few months now, and after a good amount of saving from a part time job (im 16), I would like to get another qualification. My issue(s), is that im not sure if my current PPE will work for tree climbing and free fall techniques. I know I will be required to buy the ropes etc, however I was wondering how much of the PPE I use for work on the ground will translate to CS38/9 if any. My current PPE is: Husqvarna forest helmet Stihl function ergo chainsaw trousers, whilst on my course my instructor mentioned that my trousers has no protection around the back, pointing out that they would not be the style used in climbing, is this correct? Husqvarna chainsaw wellingtons (24 m/s), are chainsaw boots mandatory for CS38 /9 or will I be able to get by with my wellingtons? I would also like to know if a normal climbing harness, carabiner and belay device would be of use? Thanks
  5. Lantra Awards Technical Award in Chainsaw Basic Felling Techniques (up to 200mm Diameter) | Lantra This is the course I did
  6. Hi all I've just recently passed my chainsaw crosscutting & maintenance and tree felling up to 200mm/8" (did bigger on the course though probably 11 - 12") I was hoping to use my qualification to make some money to pay of the damage of the saw, lessons and PPE, and hopefully start turning a profit . But I don't want to bite off more than I can chew with my saw, its a husqvarna 435 I think 41cc with a 16" bar. It was slow when stumping some of the bigger trees on the course which made me think about making this post. What sort of trees would the saw get through when crosscutting? When should I be thinking of a bigger saw? I obviously wouldn't be felling past 8 - 10" when working as im not qualified for that, however I have some trees of larger size that I might want to take down domestically. What sort of felling size would it go up to.


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