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  1. I dont know why folk have a problem with 3120's I use mine regularly. Admit that i am cutting bundled timber so need a longish bar hence the 3120 but i dont have a problem with it at all. Its just keeps ripping.
  2. I bought a 3120 last year, looked at the 395 first but decided that the former would be a better bet. I have heard some people say they never use such a big saw, or use it very little. I dont have a problem with it, in fact i like it, a LOT. Whats the difference between the 395 and 3120 apart from the engine size? Thoughts?
  3. Superb service from Rob D on here. Many thanks, all sorted.
  4. That's what I have gone for, hopefully all sorted Thanks for the replies
  5. Hi folks, ive been searching for a bar and chain for a 3120 but cant seem to find anything shorter than 36" and i already have one of those. I am looking for something around 26" in length. Its a .404 chain with a .063 gauge. Can anyone reccomend somewhere that would do such a thing? Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the replies To be honest I haven't done any checks yet, just got it back together and was sidetracked. Just double checking there is nothing obviously stupid that I have done or not done. I've got a carb rebuild kit here somewhere, might as well have that apart as well and give it a good clean. Everything else is new. Be good to get it running again as the 440 is ok but sometimes need something a bit more oohmphy The 3120 is just well.... BIG!
  7. Hi folks, long time reader but joined yesterday. Got a minor problem that someone might advise on. Husqy 61 about 25 years old, been going strong without problem until recently. One of the muffler threads in the barrel had become worn/expired and although i did think about re tapping it. I decided to buy a replacment barrel. The meteor one. Anyhow, i put the barrel on, now have a problem with it not picking up fast enough. Starts ok, ticks over for a time runs at full ok, but is just very sluggish to pick up. So i dont want to run it until its sorted just incase its lean and causes damage. New spark, new fuel filter, new air filter, new muffler. Running on aspen. I know its probably the carb needs tuning, but would it be THAT different for a new barrel? I wouldnt have thought so. Over to the pros.


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