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  1. I'm a 23 year old groundsman/climber with 3 years experience. I am very interested in trying to find out any information on working in Germany. Does anyone, by any chance have any previous experience in working in Germany who could offer some advice? I also don't speak German but am hoping to enrol on to a months course in Germany To give me some basics in which I can improve on. Thanks Dom
  2. A change or scenery is what I'm looking for. I would like to go there for the long term like at least a few months. And I'm alright at climbing been getting a lot of practice recently doing small/medium fells, reductions, and cut backs. I've got a lot to learn though just need to be practicing. Would your guy know anyone who would maybe take someone on more long term?
  3. Thanks for your help I'll have a look into your link, seems useful. Regards Dom
  4. Hi mate, thanks for your reply. That would be fantastic if you could do that and would be much appreciated. Even if your boss knows of any other companies looking for people that could be a massive help. I'll send you a pm with my email and some info of my qualifications. What's the work out in Germany like anyway? I see they like to use MEWP's a lot rather than rope climbing. Cheers Dom Cheers Dom
  5. I am currently working in London and have been climbing for about 10 months. I have over 2 years solid experience on the ground but want to progress as a climber. My plan is to try and find a tree surgeon job in Germany but am struggling to do so over the Internet. I am keen to hear other people's experiences of working in Germany and how it is? I.e. Rope climbing/ MEWP work in general. And if possible any leads to jobs in any area of Germany as I am not fussed where I go? I know there is a language barrier but I am very keen to learn German as well as developing as a climber. Cheers guys Dom


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