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  1. Starting to fill the weeks working for a few local firms but still looking for on more contacts in forestry, arb and conservation. Now have chipper and brushcutter certs.
  2. As I am going through a few months of experience building and various accreditation/training courses I'm going to keep updating this post with relevant information as I gain them. I would edit the initial post but it seems you can only edit once? Just passed LOLER inspector exam. I have no tree climbing certs or experience so make of that what you will! Had to swot up quite a bit to get to grips with the applications of various bits of gear, was a steep learning curve but it's put me at a better level for aerial rescue/cutting courses next month.
  3. I'm Lampeter/Tregaron area, happy to travel the odd day.
  4. Long time lurker here coming out of the woodwork. Following a personal loss in May this year i have taken the summer off to be with my family and now the kids are back in school, and savings running out, it's time to begin thinking properly about work. Up until May I operated as a sole trader carrying out landscaping and (mostly) "feet on the ground" tree work. My little business had been running successfully for 7 years but priorities have now changed and am looking for a more 'employed' style of work. I have experience in woodland management and forestry work, one long term contract I had has led to my wife and I taking on management responsibilities for a small privately owned wildlife reserve where we live on site and work in lieu of rent. I am young, fit, reasonably sensible and always super keen to learn. Relevant certifications Clean driving licence + trailer entitlement CS30, CS31 and trees over 380mm EFAW+F I also have the following courses booked for 2018 and expect to acheive, woodchipper brushcutter arial rescue arial cutting windblown trees I am also studying ABC level 2 arb and forestry. I understand that's this may not be the place for finding work in mid wales but notice a few of you are from round here and may at least be able to point me in the right direction. Jack
  5. Long time lurker here posting for the first time about insurance of all things... I'm a 7yr. sole trader looking to expand a bit. I went to review my policy with lycetts with the mind to add cover for hired in plant but they will not cover a rental from anyone other than what they call a 'bona fide' hirer. I wish to rent an excavator and chipper from a family member who uses them for what is essentially domestic use but I want to give him the piece of mind that all will be well if I dunk his digger in a lake. Obviously an uninsured gentleman's agreement doesn't cover the 20k odd quid that I can't afford if I dunk his digger in a lake(I plan not to,) and certainly don't want the risk of leaving any bad tastes relating to dunked digger. I will be paying him peppercorns for the hiring, does this make him 'bonafide'? Also looking to review 4x4 + trailer + pub. liab. cover as well as the hired in plant all in one if possible. Any pointers in the right direction? or even a completely alternative approach? Lycetts done me fine for pub liab. for years but no negotiation points gained for loyalty. Thanks alot in advance


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