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    captain hook

    I dont have a hook (yet :P) but if you have a versatile ascender like a ct rollnlock I think it works great. Fast to clip mid line and very effective to progress capture, if you go one way full to the hook and not changing direction up/down. A hitch would work as fine.
  2. What if: https://www.freetree.de/en/singing-rock-timber-ii?number=100-382-001-M plus: 2 x https://www.freetree.de/en/petzl-ring-open for the bridge terminations so one can move the lanyard to the sides of the bridge?! Ok, someone will say arb police, loler, you gona die...
  3. I would not even discuss the harness type nor the certification (or lack of). That's Chinese shit. Not only can kill you but you also not sporting a brand which actually care about product's design and safety. Save a bit more and get a treeup for instance. If you buy that chinese crap I am prety sure you will regret as soon as you start climbing with it.
  4. Thank you for the report! I was going to the sequoia srt but still have the singingrock cheapness and good looking in mind, you're not helping .
  5. Thanks for the pictures and for sharing your thoughts. I'm looking for this one because it seems very well designed and have a good price. Still undecided between this one and the sequoia. Did you tried to use your lanyard in the rings of the leg loops? (Similar to a treemotion or cliping from the bridge end's rings in the petzl sequoia) Sent from my GT-I9082 using Arbtalk mobile app
  6. Thank you jfc. From the srt/full body options i found the treecore the cheapest option and also have adjustable side D rings which could be a bonus for me as a slim guy (29 inch waist)...it tried a sequoia and the D's were too much in front.
  7. Sorry to dig out this thread but I would like to hear about the durability. Also i found the tree core bridge in many web shops but it's just the lower black bridge. How about the upper yellow one? Does it last forever?
  8. Hello I'm looking to get one of these devices for a new rock climbing setup but it would be a great bonus if it could be also useful doing treeclimb. Right now I have a foot ascender for drt/srt soo I was thinking, would any of these or similar devices (kong duck, wildcountry ropeman 2, ct rollnlock) work reliably well in a HAAS configuration? (bungee cord and a footloop) Which one could be more useful in arb work? Thanks in advance.
  9. I can take look in linux if that matters. Firefox and chromium Sent from my GT-I9082 using Arbtalk mobile app
  10. ... coming trolls to this thread?
  11. Yah, fishermans or ?scalfold? (Same knot diferent names) work the best. I like to leave around 5cm of tail, just to be sure, like tommy said.
  12. Chill people, this is a concept - something designers do trying to think ahead and discovering new things. I would love this drone thing for set up the throw line. They are so cheap these days. Maybee someone can try this idea with a "normal" drone pretty soon. Good new is: you can one-hand that umbilical chainsaw.
  13. http://vtio.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Working-the-Angles-i.pdf Probably a lot of people here already know this document but I will leave it here again.
  14. For main/climb system I kinda like the thicker 9mm or 10mm cord for 13mm 16 stran or even the 9mm for those 11 - 11.5mm semistatick vertical work ropes. For lanyards or whatever secondary could have 8mm which tend to be more of a "hard bite" on/off behavior. (in my experience)


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