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  1. departed

    More cutting.

    Wow! Brilliant work. Thanks for sharing.
  2. 9/10 [emoji17] I’ve not seen a Plane tree in the flesh (or should that be wood?)
  3. A quick search online takes you to gedoretools.co.uk and they're selling the sledge hammer for £250, and a spare head for £26. I can only guess that the €14 on that link is the spare head price. Shame it's so expensive, looks like a handy hammer. Cheers.
  4. I take it stump treatment will be worth the extra effort after the birch is cut?? I'm not sure the effort of cutting and treating the birch will be worth it. I think you should follow what others have said about retaining at least some of the birch. Stump treatment is very time consuming. Big j's suggestion of thinning and retaining the best birch in a few years sounds like the best plan to me.
  5. Not exactly right, glyphosate works well as a stump treatment but it needs to be a 20-30% mix and it'll need applying directly to the stump, either with a small sprayer or paint brush. I've used it to effectively treat all hardwoods and rhododendrons up to 2" when painted or sprayed on, if the stump are bigger then you may need to drill a few holes to hold the chemical on the stump. The stumps will need treating within an hour or so of cutting to be effective too.
  6. I can only advise on ua1 & ua2. Do your homework for ua1 and it's pretty straight forward. Ua2 is straight forward so long as you're competent on the saw and semi decent at climbing. There's a bit more knowledge required because there's another big hazard so the assessor needs to know you're aware of that danger and how to deal with it. Ua1 is theory & classroom based so a lot of info to take in but I found that once we went into site to see the apparatus everything clicked. Ua2 is almost completely practical. Don't rush and be safe = no worries! Hope that helps.
  7. Maybe it's just the picture but is it's lower beak off to one side compared to the top bit? Looks like it's ready to fly so it should be fine if you leave it alone, but if you've moved it out of the road twice then maybe there's something wrong with it.
  8. departed

    Felling axe

    Try searching for skillcult on YouTube or his blog online. He's a bit long winded but seems to know his stuff re axes, and other things. Good advice in the posts above too.
  9. In my experience once the eggs have hatched, the parents won't abandon the nest. Or not as readily as if they were just eggs at least.
  10. I've emailed it. Might be no good, I took the pic on my phone. Cheers.
  11. Found one pic of us using a set of aus utility poles to hack a long dead chestnut. Any good Steve? I'll see if I can upload off my phone, if I can't I'll email it to you.
  12. Can't help with your problem but maybe try phil in boduan? http://prrobertsagricultural.co.uk
  13. departed


    Great, thanks for that. I thought perhaps livestock would keep it in check then re lay once its gone tall and gappy. Great work and thanks for sharing.
  14. departed


    How do you deal with the regrowth in a few years time? Is it a case of re laying the hedge? Thanks.


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