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  1. Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    I've got a spud ported 357xp that I've recently converted to 3/8 chain with 15" Sugi bar. It is amazing, doesn't bog/slow even with the full bar buried. I'm thinking of trying a 20" bar with a skip chain for ringing up bigger stuff. I much prefer it to the 550/560's we've got at work. Light, fast pickup and reliable 👍🏻
  2. Larch or not

    1st Spruce (Norway?) and Larch 2nd, in my opinion!
  3. been offered a 200t with running issues

    +1 on stubby's comments. Great service when I sent him my seized 357. Saw fixed and ported for a very good price. Highly recommended 👍🏻 Sion
  4. Bracken Spraying

    What an improvement!! Fair play, it looks great now. The old hill farmers around here say that cattle or a roller is better than cutting the bracken because the plant then tries to heal the crushed stem and wastes energy doing so. If you cut it then it'll just send another stem up. I doubt you'll need to spray again whichever method you use. Cheers.
  5. Bracken Spraying

    Got you. Thanks for the info regarding its ban, I've spent an hour this morning reading up on it. There quite a lot of crap online about asulox but a lot of good info too. We use blue dye too, it really helps in dense bracken (and rhododendron) but it's so expensive! A litre bottle doesn't go far.
  6. Bracken Spraying

    The grass in the first pic is obviously affected. Brown and looks dead/dying. Clearly the other two pics show the grass in a good condition but that's 8 months after glyph application right? Our bracken spraying contracts usually involve 5' tall bracken on hillsides and forestry. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not disagreeing with your experience I'm just passing my experiences on. If we sprayed anywhere and left non target species affected we would be in trouble with the landowner. And would probably lose any contracts with them. The op doesn't tell us the land type or contract size so it's difficult to advise really. Cheers.
  7. Bracken Spraying

    I didn't know that regarding spinach, thanks. I think you're right that it's only approved for sale for use on bracken. To be fair though, the fact it's been used for decades doesn't mean it's 'safe'. Can any herbicide be truly safe?
  8. Bracken Spraying

    Interesting. The first and only time I've used glyph instead of asulox all the plant life died. Sorry, I meant how much chemical you applied to the frond not the dilution. Either way, if it works for you then great 👍
  9. Bracken Spraying

    My experience of glyphosate on bracken differs from yours. Yes it's very effective and about a third of the price of asulox but in my experience the run off from the fronds is enough the kill a lot of plants under the bracken. Perhaps you use less chemical?
  10. Bracken Spraying

    For the last 5 years (I think!!) asulox has been available in may/June and then withdrawn in October. Every time it's withdrawn everybody has to return their left over chemical, by law. I can only assume that every October they are hoping to have a different and safer chemical ready for sale the following year, but this doesn't happen so they release asulox again! Until there's an alternative to asulox they can't stop selling it, otherwise all the millions of pounds of grants given to upland farmers and foresters will have been wasted. Left unchecked, bracken will come back in 3-5 years. Cheers.
  11. Bracken Spraying

    I would assume it wouldn't work, if it did work it wouldn't be as effective as a foliar spray.It's not a method I've considered using. If it's a large flat area use a tractor, if it's rough and uneven use a knapsack. You don't say how big the job is but you can cover a large area using a knapsack. You only need to wet the fronds so you can use the wind to your advantage too. Cheers.
  12. Bracken Spraying

    Glyphosate is good stuff, just remember that it kills everything whereas asulox only targets bracken (other species are affected if the dose is high enough though). Even plants growing beneath dense bracken will be affected by roundup.
  13. Tips needed for starting 560 in hot weather

    I've been off work this week so can't comment on hot weather starting but have you tried the hot start method? Choke up then you push it off (fast idle) and 'prime' three times. Ensure the chain brake is on! Pull the saw over and it should start. This method works every time on a hot 550/560 for me. Cheers.
  14. Bracken Spraying

    How big of an area is it? Around here it's pretty rare to be able to access bracken sites with a tractor so our method is to use a quad with a lance and have someone with a knapsack to get any bits the quad can't reach. You need to avoid bruising or cutting any stems when spraying as it affects how the asulox is taken down into the rhizomes, possibly making the chemical ineffective. Maybe the un bruised stems would carry enough chemical down into the rhizomes but why risk it considering the cost of asulox and labour! Like you said, bruising is an effective method but takes a few years to eradicate bracken, and shouldn't be used on the same year as spraying. Perhaps if you sprayed using a quad and boom the lower fronds would get a sufficient dose of chemical to work but that's not something I've tried. Cheers.
  15. Tree seed

    Nice one, cheers pal.


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