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  1. Thanks for the professional update spud,hopefully ile get it back next week after he receives the new ordered barrel and piston and fits it,and all is well. He also said he had to register my saw as it wasnt done in my name?
  2. Thx mick,i had problems with my 550xpg and bought this so ive always got a back up .
  3. Anyone have any recommendations on this saw,as iv bought one online from fr jones, Ie:- good points and bad points would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. Ive just bought a new 562xpg from fr jones,coming in 4 weeks time, Anyone recommend this saw or has it got the same possible problems lol [emoji57]
  5. Spud do you think hes altered anything the first time i took it to him,this mucking the piston and barrel up??
  6. He initially looked at my chainsaw as it wasnt starting, I got it back from him the following day,him saying there was nothing the matter with it, So i started it and it revved up well,even sounded alot more powerful,then it died on me,not being able to rev up any more after startng it at idle tickover. So took it back to him again, Then he said that it was the piston and barrel that needed renewed.??
  7. Is this an estimated guess or is it a load of rubbish?
  8. Yeah husqvarnas own recommended 2 stroke oil mix.
  9. What would be the reason a husqvarna 550xpg barrel and piston would need replaced within a year old saw. According to the mechanic that looked at it for me. Suggestions would be appreciated thanks all.
  10. Welcome Natalie ? Arbortec are probably the best bet out there for yourself, new editions coming out soon.
  11. Wow for the price this bit of kit is ingenious.


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