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  1. Looking for weekend work Southampton area.

    Still looking to fill my calendar, Have all Saturdays free for the next few months. Would like to get a couple of consistent companies to work for. I will happily travel around Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Andover and the surrounding areas. Thanks Alex
  2. Looking for weekend work Southampton area.

    Now qualified in Rigging as well. If anyone has Jobs on saturdays or sundays don't hesitate to phone. Thanks Alex
  3. Hi all, Looking for some weekend work in the Southampton area from Saturday the 15th of July onwards. I have all my own climbing kit and Topper. Been climbing for 7 months, not the best climber but will work hard for you. Have, cs30 31 32 38 39 and Windblown. Contact number is 07428012724 Thanks Alex Seal
  4. Climbers & Groundsmen Needed

    Do you do much weekend work? Also where abouts in Hampshire do you work?
  5. Becoming Competent

    Once again thanks for all the replies. TIMON you said you started late, out of curiosity how old were you when you started? I'm 25 at the moment, but I'm hoping to see some longevity out of this career.
  6. Becoming Competent

    Haha I'm sure there are people who are top notch straight away. But it does help to hear that it's taken people years to get to a level they consider good.
  7. Becoming Competent

    Thanks for all your replies. It's good to hear that it's going to take time. I've recently joined a large arb company and hopefully this will give me the experience and volume of work I need to get better. I was just kind of wondering if everyone struggles to start with.
  8. Becoming Competent

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to the arb industry and got my climbing tickets in October. Have climbed a fair bit now but not an awful lot. Certain things I feel I am ok at, however there's a lot that I am not good at. I often struggle moving around the tree in an efficent and speedy manner and quite often get my lines tangled. I've been getting quite annoyed at myself over this and basically not being good (don't get me wrong I don't expect to be good immediately). But I'm just wondering roughly how long did it take people to become competent? Either yourselves or new starters that you've seen? I'm aware everyone will have different aptitudes immediately, some may fly around without much experience and some may struggle (like me). But I'd just like to know. Thanks Alex
  9. New Groundsman looking for work in Southampton

    Looking to fill time in December, If anyone has some work around the Southampton area inc, New Forest, Winchester and Portsmouth please contact me on the number above. Have a couple of months experience now but am still new to the industry. Keen to work and keen to learn fast. Thanks Alex
  10. New Groundsman looking for work in Southampton

    Still looking, will have climbing tickets as of the 12th of October. Willing to work as a trainee climber as either subcontract or full time.
  11. New Groundsman looking for work in Southampton

    My number is 07428012724 for anyone that might know of work and wishes to contact me.
  12. Hi, My name is Alex Seal, I have recently aquired my CS 30 and 31 and have my CS 38 and 39 booked for early October. I currently work 2 days a week for a tree surgery company but am looking to fill the rest of my week. I am willing to work in and around Southampton. I'm a dedicated and hard worker, but am new to the industry so would like to work with a passionate team so I can learn quickly. Thanks Alex Seal


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