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  1. Oh and the free socks you get with them are crap I found my bridgedales to be far more comfortable
  2. Worst boot I’ve had, if it’s raining then I would probably wear wellies than them, the grip is not bad to be fair but I think my feet are just suited to a wider boot like the hiax. Just my personal opinion.
  3. Yes it looks a good rope, I’m thinking of going down the zigzag route but was wondering on how different your 11.6 would be to a 12.5. Do or did you find your hand we’re hurting using a smaller rope as there is less to grip, just your thoughts really bud, cheers
  4. Haha one can only imagine [emoji56][emoji1360]
  5. Sorry that’s the chap you were talking about Wayne
  6. Tributes paid to Alexandria school teacher after tragic accident - Daily Record WWW.DAILYRECORD.CO.UK Former Royal Marine Chris Moses died on Sunday while working as a tree surgeon in Rhu.
  7. Unfortunately there was another in Plymouth also, ex marine. Will try and find the link as it was sent to me
  8. Cheers buddy, used a 200 a few weeks back and took me back to my childhood days what a saw the pickup is amazing compared to my crappy 201. Can’t imagine what you’re modified one is putting out, thanks mate have a good day
  9. Looks a nice job and a nice day there don, is that an original 200 your using? And also what rope and size do you use? Cheers bud
  10. Ahh okay so you’re on the boarder of the blu mountains or are you in them? So you’re probably a good hour away from me then. No rain here today or past couple of weeks, my white ute is just covered in ash and topped up buy this mornings blow over. I still can’t imagine what others are going through at the moment and what they’ve lost, read somewhere the other day they estimate around 8 thousand koalas have died so far and if the fire are like this every year then they could be extinct in the next 30yrs, also they reckon in total around 480mill animals have died. The fire fighters have been amazing at what they have done with what they have got.
  11. They cancelled all the 9pm shows but as you say they stood to lose a lot of money if they cancelled the harbour show, shame really as the emergency service’s are stretched enough at the moment without being on standby for a display. We are also west Sydney in Kellyville, you close to any fires or just getting smoked out like us.
  12. Hi Gary, I’m not having a pop buddy. Every case/tree is different but me personally if I get asked to do a bit of butchering on a nice tree regardless of a TPO I will always try educate the client in the reason why we cut stuff and how we cut stuff if there unwilling to at least take on board any comments I would and have refused to quote on trees. I won’t have my name and company associated with shitty tree work. Some TPO tree definitely need working on but the tree officers don’t always see it which is a shame as we’ve lost so nice trees because lack of maintenance. I see every tree we do as a bill board and giant advert of me and my company unfortunately it just takes one bad job to ruin a company. ( every case and tree is different)
  13. If people don’t want trees near there house then don’t buy the house in the first place same as spending a lot of money on a block driveway which is going to get ruined in a couple of years, put gravel down or something that can move with the trees. I understand that at some point something will need do to any tree but don’t be an arse about it like this guy.
  14. Never seen a knobcat before, how interesting 🧐


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