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  1. Alex O

    Timberwolf 125 issue

    Sounds like bearings [emoji848]
  2. Alex O

    Road side larch Devon

    He’s working not far from there at the moment
  3. Alex O

    Road side larch Devon

    Will give you TDC phone number
  4. Alex O

    Groundsman in Plymouth

    Will be looking for a Groundsman for part time/full time work from around the start of August, for a small tree firm in Plymouth. Any inquiries please pm me. Many thanks Alex.
  5. Alex O

    Hilux tipper conversions

    The commercial centre I got my truck from use a local company in Watford for the conversion which cost me 2k
  6. Alex O

    Hilux tipper conversions

  7. Alex O

    Hilux tipper conversions

    Had my chip box on my hilux for 5 yrs and still looking ok.
  8. Alex O

    New Hilux Review

    That’s pretty poor Kev, on Toyotas part to say the least, I’ve only had the pleasure of using them once a few years back on a recall issue so naturally asked for a courtesy vehicle and like you tried to give me a car, ask the manager for a truck so I could at least go to work but got the response of”well a courtesy vehicle is our courtesy to you and we don’t do like for like “ so all I could do at the time was go in on a Saturday morning and wait for it to be done.
  9. Alex O

    Stihl MS362 saga

    My 362 lasted 15 months before it died quote from the main dealer was estimated at £400 but could be more they said. Echo or dolmar all the way now for. 60cc saw.
  10. Alex O

    Photo Competition - Win £100

    That light is wrecked, I hope his insurance pay out soon poor chap
  11. Alex O

    customer wont pay

    Take what you can get and move on, lesson learnt
  12. Alex O

    A Very Lucky Guy

    Still unsure on what he did. Was he just back cutting the top out causing it to rip? But looking at his rope and the trunk it looks as if the tree buckled and pinched his rope? I dunno [emoji848]
  13. Alex O

    Best cord for a Prussik loop?

    Just pleased to see others still using Prusik loops [emoji39]
  14. Alex O

    Fings wot broke

    I’ve had my little TW125 for just over 8yrs now but the machine is 16yrs old now. Perfect for what I need it for just requires a little tlc from time to time. So I’m guessing micks crack is just a one off thing? I see most companies are using the Forst chipper’s these days so they must be doing something right
  15. Alex O

    Fings wot broke

    Hope you get it sorted Mick, is it a common fault or are you just unlucky with your machine?


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