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  1. Alex O

    Tree ident help please

    Mimosa, definitely
  2. Alex O

    Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    Mistake I made was doing tree work for the last 18yrs [emoji849]. Should of paid more attention at school
  3. Alex O

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    My motivation comes from a mortgage, 3yr old and a 6yr old. Oh and our move to Aus next year.
  4. Alex O

    Ticking Hilux!

    Always [emoji849]
  5. Alex O

    Another 40 year old just starting

    Buy using the other end of your rope might just get you up a different top in a big tree, would just need to carry a spare pursik or whatever you want to climb on.then while climbing up on that end your main anchor can be slackened off transferring your weight on to your other line. Good effort by the way,
  6. Alex O

    Another 40 year old just starting

    Sometimes climbing will both ends of your rope can be helpful if your strop isn’t long enough to get you higher.
  7. Tie rope off to the full height of your ladder, then remove ladders from site.
  8. Alex O

    Timberwolf vtr230 feed rollers

    Was just a suggestion, as my rollers have stopped before and after looking around the chipper I noticed the sensor have over time just worked it’s self lose and was out of range. Worked for me.
  9. Alex O

    Timberwolf vtr230 feed rollers

    Could it be the censer on the flywheel is out of alignment or worn
  10. Alex O

    topping scotts pine

    Any reduction works on pines will look shite and will cause problems in the future. Leave it or remove it. There are some trees that are just not meant to be touched. A tree like that in that position will be your bill board for years, just bear that it mind.
  11. Alex O

    Hilux differences

    Rough Trax is a pretty good website or Milner off rd.
  12. Alex O

    Another 40 year old just starting

    Sometimes helps to loosen your prusik then pull tight again. Or depends on what rope and prusik combo your using as some are hard/soft
  13. Alex O

    Unauthorised tree work in CA.

    First impressions is pykes, and the two on the right look like they were done with a gypsys stick. Who ever said the customer knows best [emoji849]
  14. Alex O

    Unauthorised tree work in CA.

    Definitely report it, I certainly would and have done in the past. It’s down to them if they want to take that chance then I say fk em.
  15. Alex O

    ridgeback comercial hard tops vs others

    Lovely truck josh, yeah that sliding tray looks really handy, saves humping everything out each time and like the vice on it also , look very practical.


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