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  1. Whats the weather like near you?

    19 in Plymouth today, lovely jubbly [emoji41]
  2. A Quiet Country Lane

    Now you’ve mentioned it, it makes perfect sense [emoji57]
  3. Went to a mother care for a professional fitting service and advice, was very helpful. Wow is this the first time Mother Care has bee mentioned on AT [emoji43]
  4. I have a hilux extra cab, and can fit both my boys car seats in the back and they are also 2 & 5 yrs old so am also doing a school/nursery runs in the mornings
  5. Persuading The Costumer To Leave Safe Deadwood

    Yeah totally agree with Treeation. Also buy removing some dead wood you end up speeding up the decay on some of the bigger cuts, possibly
  6. A Quiet Country Lane

    Perhaps, might be something on the back if it’s come from a school or something or that crest on the front might mean something?
  7. A Quiet Country Lane

    No way that sign is the icing in the cake
  8. A Quiet Country Lane

    Scum bags absolutely no need whatsoever, there is plenty of recycling centres around that don’t cost the earth to go to
  9. Popular

    Can you pm me your number, Jon aka mendip logs will give you a ring
  10. Boots

    No wouldn’t touch them as not as durable as the pros or harder wearing
  11. Boots

    Have no idea on weight, but probably not the lightest boot on the market. I have been buying hiax boots for the last 9-10 years. But it just suits me and what I need, not everyone’s cuppa tea
  12. Boots

    Hiax protector pro, good support and quite narrow good for climbing and the extra height gives good support when wearing spikes.
  13. Spikes

    Treehog are the most uncomfortable spikes I’ve ever worn, after 6hrs on them you will be walking like John Wayne
  14. Spikes

    You must be on double bubble today then [emoji857]


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