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  1. Alex O

    Dead Tree Rigging

    Nice Reg, really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing
  2. Alex O

    free fall dismantling large limbs

    Get James the narcoleptic tree surgeon in [emoji57]
  3. Alex O

    Educate me

    Would of been a great one to coronet prune your right, would potentially encourage loads more wildlife
  4. Alex O


    No jewellery whatsoever, chain/necklace can act like cheese wire around your neck, and rings, well that picture above is enough to go buy
  5. Alex O

    Educate me

    But it does look shit though doesn’t it, what ever the story is
  6. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    My 09 plate hilux, tipper will be for sale in jan/Feb. (With tow bar) [emoji6]
  7. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    Does the escort have a tow bar ?
  8. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    Ha something like that, bank of mum and Dad [emoji57] so much kit he tries to hire it out [emoji23]
  9. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    Yep, I very recently priced a job for 3 day , for 2 guys at £400 per day, happy with that job was accepted had a phone call two days later saying they had forgotten that they were getting another quote [emoji849], and all though they like me the other guy was a bit cheaper, without saying a word she told me straight out that his £750 was better than my £1200. Told her there was no way I could ever match that [emoji43].
  10. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    I’m originally from Northampton but have lived in Plymouth for 15-16yrs now. Could never move back to the midlands now, hence our move to Aus in the new year.
  11. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    Probably around £300-£400 a day ish
  12. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    I don’t know anyone else that pays more than that around here, the market is a disgusting around here for prices. Some get away with charging more than the average day rate but don’t seem to have regular work and tend to hire there machinery in
  13. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    What part of the country are you in? Down here in Plymouth and good climber would be £120-£130 a day and Groundsman £80 and not necessarily with out saw. Not sure about the rest of the country but it’s every Tom,Dick and Harry setting up a tree business and pretty much buying the work and undervaluing the industry by quite a lot.
  14. Alex O

    Groundsman Rates

    £80 yes


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