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  1. Alex O

    Leylandii topping around sub-station

    MEWPs make great conductors
  2. Alex O

    And they wonder why the get ripped off

    I think if materials are involved with fencing, etc then taking deposits is fair enough but for Tree work I don’t see why anyone would take a deposit. You already have the kit to do the job. There are a couple of firms down errr that will take cash deposit. Wrong IMO .
  3. Alex O

    £40,000 Fine

    He can probably afford it anyway, just an inconvenience for him and his busy work schedule. He must of got a contractor in to do the work? If so what’s happening to them? But still glad to see a result as the public still don’t take TPO/Conservation areas serious enough what’s a few more weeks of waiting for permission. It’s the I want in done yesterday attitude for morons like him.
  4. Alex O

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Arborisk are great I’ve been with them for years. Sorry to hear about all this Mark , fk ing nightmare mate , hope it all gets sorted ASAP bud.
  5. Alex O

    4x4 pick ups

    It could all be very innocent, might be just updating his POF app
  6. Alex O

    Ground workers needed North Devon

    Ahh no worries wasn’t sure if you already had a couple of guys, he would be will to travel and stay up there in his camper. Cheers for getting back to us.
  7. Alex O

    Ground workers needed North Devon

    Have a friend that could be interested, have you go a number I can pass to him, cheers
  8. Alex O

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    Good point khriss, I’ve always thought that you should every so many years re-do your chainsaw from rope and harness, seeing what is out there is scary. But if truth is told I think that most of us are a bit guilty of the odd hold and cut, I know I am[emoji17]
  9. Alex O

    Best lightweight summer trousers.

    Sip canopy air, mine have been great, light , comfortable and pretty durable so far, I’ve been wearing mine for about 5 months now. The only nit pick about sip trousers over the years is the stitching always used to fall apart but have been much better last few years. This is just my personal experience.
  10. Alex O

    Ms362c being a right pita

    It’s the worst saw I’ve ever owned, mine didn’t even make it to 18months old all the same issues. Had to go to a main dealer as it needs plugging into a bloody laptop, they estimated me just over £400 [emoji43]. But could cost more(obviously). Never had problems with the 341 or 361 .
  11. Alex O

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    I had a personal injury insurance as needed to have this to get a mortgage back then , but I was employed at the time, after a few years went self employed then had my accident. I’d been paying the same premium for around 9yrs , BUT because I didn’t notify the insurance company if me going to self employed I was entitled to the monthly pay out I was supposed to get , as on the books I was earning more than being self employed. It was just another kick in the nuts while I was out of action. Also another lesson learned, the hard way of course.
  12. Alex O

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    Personally I’ve never seen it as a grey area and have always been told even when I used to be a subby I was always covered by there insurance. But I never new my mate never had it, maybe I should of asked hence I might of been in a different position, possibly.
  13. Alex O

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    Hi mick , I’ve always been told that anyone working on someone else’s site is covered by the main contractor. What would your position be if a subby had an accident on one of your sites , who is liable, this always seems to be a grey area. A local company to me have just put in place insurance for there workers, they pay the monthly cost but if an accident happens then they have to pay the excess and then there accident is reviewed by the insurance company to see how much they are entitled to either way the company get out of paying and accident or sick pay. To me it sounds crap that they are almost washing there hand of there staff and unwilling to pay anything out. (IMO)
  14. Alex O

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    Sure is buddy, he said when I go back to help him I don’t need to climb everyday, I said if you have the insurance in place then yes but I can’t afford another 3 months off, that’s when he got funny with me and then tried to convince me to use my insurance to claim on. I only had it as I was doing the odd jobs at weekends and had other guys working for me. But I did honestly think he would come good as I didn’t want to drag him , his wife and kids through it all. But believe it or not 2012 was a good year, Chelsea won the champions league, my first boy was born and I’m still alive [emoji6].


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