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  1. Ahh right your up Byron way, only about 8 hrs up the rd, nice set up there Ben.
  2. Hi Ben you in NSW ? If so where
  3. Nah it’s still going but he lost WhatsApp on his Nokia as the phone don’t have it anymore so uses a different app
  4. He’s not been on here for a few years and doesn’t have WhatsApp anymore either
  5. Try speaking to Max Bayles professional tree care.
  6. Awesome, Grey. That merlo is just something else and the time that kit saves on a job must be unreal. Love it [emoji7]
  7. So where are you then, I lived in Plymouth for 16yrs before we emigrated last October
  8. Yeah those rds in the summer are a nightmare all the lanes through to Torquay, Paignton, Brixham,Dartmouth etc trying to get past all the campsites with people walking on both sides of the rd, those were the day’s [emoji57]
  9. Not as far as that we all used to fill up at Clemos garage on the main rd into Newton Abbot which was about 5 minutes away
  10. Ahh yes the lanes around ipplepen I used to work for a firm thee many years ago DTS , between 7:30&7:45 there would be a big convoy of us all piling out the yard through them lane’s we weren’t liked but the locals or the people that used it to cut through to the A38, lot’s of protesters in there 4x4s[emoji849]
  11. Yeah it is , Sydney’s harbour bridge, as you drive over it the opera house I just below you.
  12. Today was 21c and pretty cold, but dry so I ain’t complaining. But it’s down to around 18-22c at the moment. Different to the winters I’m used to
  13. The office view today during a bottle brush dismantle . This is Sydney’s CBD and harbour bridge
  14. I was with arbor risk for many years, for public liability, employees liability, chipper cover at home , travelling and work site, tool cover also. I only ever had to make one claim and they were brilliant, very quick turnaround.


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