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  1. Dorking way mate will get some measurements tonight
  2. Hi, I have a large pippy oak on a price of ground I look after and the owner has requested I get an idea of how much it's worth to a buyer, I can get pictures and measurements but to give a rough gauge you'd probably have about 20ft of useable timber that you'd probably get get 2 or 3 blokes around the bottom of in diameter. Like I said I can measure it if anyone's interested but if anyone can shed light on how much it could fetch. If someone was interested we are in Surrey and have all the gear to take it out and haul it a short distance. Cheers Ed
  3. Hi Bobby, I'm currently working in Australia on my second year working visa, to answer some of your questions I got a job by emailing and calling tree companies they are usually quite willing to give you a shot and go from there you'll probably struggle to get someone to give you a set length of time before they see you work, you'll have better luck looking for jobs in some of the smaller country towns rather than the big cities as there is a bit of a lack of workers who pull their weight in the smaller towns. Having your truck licences does help but isn't essential most firms employ a few truckers or if they are a very small firm won't have massive trucks. Everything here is flat out so be prepared to work flat out in the stinking heat!! With regards to tax, I'm being taxed as a resident so it varies week in week what I get taxed but they are taking about changing the laws so people on a WH visa pay a flat rate of 30% on everything they earn, currently though at the end of their tax year (end of June) you can claim back tax up to the tax free allowance which currently stands at 19kAUD. Your visa will only allow you to work for the same firm for 6 months, they then have to sponsor you if you want to stay longer (or find another way of paying you) To give some input on some other things mentioned on this thread, As far as the guys I wrk with tell me say Active are the largest tree firm in the Southern Hemisphere, they do pretty much all the powerlines clearance. not sure what working for them is like. I've been working out here for 6 months now, it's an experience for anyone who likes this line of work, the way we do things here is bigger and faster than England, if we can get cranes diggers massive choppers and big trucks in we will smash out massive jobs in a matter of hours likewise if there is room around a tree we usually only climb it to put a bull line in it and fell it! We do road side jobs for th council and usually all we do is fell the hazardous trees across the road and push them out of the way with the diggers before chipping them stuff I don't think we'd get away with in England! Like I said earlier there is some what of a shortage out in the country in Australia of decent climbers and hard working groundies with their tickets from what I gather this is because here you usually have a job before you go and get qualified compared to at home where people go to collage and get qualified before going to look for a job. My boss out here is currently looking for hard working guys to come and work for him out here, he can arrange accomodation vehicle etc for the right guys! He is looking for experiance ideally but it's down to whoever would be interested to talk to him and try and convince him they're the right guys! We are based in the central table lands in NSW about 200km from Sydney. If anyone would be interested message me and I'll pass on your details to him. Cheers Ed


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