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  1. Been busy making the yard bigger again and getting through this lot of timber recently. one of the oldest tractors on the farm working alongside the newest tractor on the farm exactly 60 years apart.
  2. I use the 200hp tractor as its quick on the road for transport and it has front linkage so I take a hydraulic splitter on the front as well. I use the tractor on 1000 pto speed so the tractor is just above tick over when working I did an 8 hour day cutting and 1 hours travelling and the tractor went through just under 10 gallons, if I didn't use a 1000 speed pto you would probably be right with the 20 gallons on 540 pto, either way not as economical as the little major
  3. I'm not sure how much the major will lift but it lifts and moves the processor around with out a problem and that weighs around 1 tonne we've got a Massey 178 and that will just about lift the processor of the ground. The biggest problem I have is when I go out contracting with the processor I take it on one of the 200hp new hollands tractor and you have to lift the processor up and then fold the conveyor around over the top of the mudguards up the side of the cab what isnot the handiest.
  4. can't beat the good old trusty major runs the processor at a fraction of the cost of the newer tractors. The processor is an early posch 300 before they went orange and green.
  5. Been busy finishing cutting the pile of ash and now on to the beech
  6. I get mine sharpened with a chap from rednall (Oswestry) his company is called profile design tooling and cost me £12 and does a good job
  7. Tim Edwards

    log deck

    Can you send me some more info and pictures cheers
  8. Hi Chris where abouts are you based? Cheers Tim
  9. Bought a cheap chainsaw and an axe with my Christmas money when I was 14 started cutting up fallen timber on our farm selling to neighbors and friends did my chainsaw tickets when I was 16 bought better kit a few different Stihl saws and hydraulic splitter and started buying timber in selling more and more each year and just invested in a old posch 300 processor to keep up with demand
  10. It's picking up a bit now just wating on the cold weather to kick in
  11. Hi I'm in the Oswestry area I can except timber but not so sure about the wood chip depends on quantity, how much timber and wood chip will there roughly be and what timber is it many thanks Tim feel free to pm me or ring or text me on 07548797034
  12. Winching over a couple of trees last weekend
  13. Tim Edwards


    Try Daniel at Tanat valley firewood he has lots of kindling at really good wholesale prices it's where I get my kindling from He's on here as Tanat valley firewood or click this link Tanat Valley Firewood
  14. Tim Edwards


    Hi Brian where abouts are you?


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